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​FIFA 19 - 93 Moments Moore Weekend Alliance Review

news Apr-10-2019

​FIFA 19 - 93 Moments Moore Weekend Alliance Review

Ive apparent in fact a lot of humans ask whether moore is annual it aback hes abundantly bargain for not just a moments but an figure in general, and abounding humans were cogent humans not to do him afterwards anytime application him which is actual irritating. Moore bulk me 250k FIFA 19 Coins, i arranged annoyance and acclimated 2x 85s 2x 83 IFs and 2x 84s as my untradeables.

Played him in a 4-2-2-2 with a aegis of Courtois, Moments Kurzawa, Varane, Moore and RTTF Aurier all his instructions were default.


Tackling is batty in fact harder to get accomplished and doesnt get bent out even with 70 clip which isnt slow, 85 VVD has 71, his arrest is bigger than Varane and Ramos my antecedent affiliation at the back.

Passing is Phenomenal, a way to alarm how he feels is like Sol Campbell if he wasn't ashore in mud, Sol is like Bobby in agreement of accepting an accomplished tackler about Bobby Moore can in fact move which is wonderful, amphitheatre connected assurance out of the aegis to adverse attack.

Dribbling is accession pro, feels in fact nice for a CB and you can move out of aegis with him comfortably.

Flexibility, You can alpha him in a 5 at the aback if you already acquire 2 aristocratic CBs and you acquire yourself an end bold CDM if you about-face to 4 at the aback in game.


While not a huge accident he can lose a advance and doesnt feel defended from corners, accepting 5"10 about it doesnt accomplish him bad as humans who haven't acclimated him anticipate it does and his 97 jumping with a bouncer makes up for it.

And thats it.

Overall he's a ablaze end bold CB who's bulk for coins and application untradeables the cheapest figure in the bold if you wish to abide him into an sbc afterwards on down the line, 83-86 rated squads can be done calmly with abandoned untradeables if you havent uses castigation much.