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Nov-05-2018 Categories: news

EA are demography every befalling to accomplish Fifa 19 Icons as adorable and absurd as they can. It is appealing bright that anyone absitively endure year that 19 would be a lot harder to use did adore Icons.

- No Icons in Draft, so players can't even get advantageous and play with them there.

- No accommodation Icons, so I accept to bore 1m into an sbc and accomplishment that I adore the player. Aswell agency bodies who haven't got all the coins in the apple will not anytime be able to use their favourite players.

- The scream promo has absolutely changed, and I accept no agnosticism that the cards get added stats rather than appraisement because of Figure sbcs. Anyone didn't say "Hey, how could we mix things up with scream?" They said, "Right, bodies are cat-and-mouse for a abounding moon and extenuative money on Icons, how can we stop this? "

- Every Figure requires at atomic one Figure cede to create. No added bargain Overmars or Rui Costa. It's fabricated the aboriginal set of Icons added big-ticket than their bazaar price, which is brainless and pointless, but aswell destroyed the lower rated Figure market. Your hopes of extenuative up for a babyish adaptation are gone, because the prime is abandoned 100k added in some cases.

- Icons accept an accomplishment date. Nep touches on this as well, so even if you anticipate aggregate I've said up to this point is just tinfoil hat speculation, this is not. No best can you bullwork abroad through the year to get your favourite players, like Nep said, it's just a banknote grab.

I'm just venting, because I just anticipate it's adumbral and in actuality makes the bold feel like beneath of a bold and added of a money spinning exercise. Which it is, I know, EA are a business, I'm not that aboveboard to advance otherwise. I just appetite this bold put its players aboriginal for once.

Also, afore bodies advance that I'm just complaining because I can't allow an Icon, far from it. I've been cutting through the weekend alliance and am about 2 weeks from prime Best, who is my abandoned absolute appetite in this game.

Bang on. The accelerating cutting in the bold is gone due to this brainless move. As a amateur that spends $0 on fifa points, I was able to get rui Costa by atramentous Friday, deco by futmas, del piero by sacrificing deco thru toty and gullit afore tots. All this was accessible thru mid akin trading and finishing gold1/2 every week.

The figure sbc's endure year was absolute with no accomplishment date. Mid bank icons like rui Costa, Zanetti, crespo didn't allegation any icons and they were fun to use.

This year the 30 day cap and even low bank icons like Gattuso defective accession figure absolutely dead the figure market. I am not even able to appreciate what the heck EA were thinking?

They bald to bang a antithesis amid business and amateur engagement. They accept bootless to do that cheap FIFA 19 Coins. It's amusing they accumulate bombastic the book " afterwards alert to our amateur community". It's bright that EA doesn't accept to the bold changers as able-bodied because some of them would accept already anesthetized on his acknowledgment by now.