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Jan-11-2017 Categories: news

I ambition humans would stop authoritative posts like these because it

accordingly after-effects in allowance assholes fix the prices of whichever

players are all-important to complete the SBC's. I acknowledge the

accomplishment but the added upvotes your column accumulates, the added

counterproductive it will become.

  Plot twist, OP amount anchored these SBCs and now announcement them to get

the candied FUT coins.

  The SBCs accept been out for weeks, if the amount is gonna get fixed, it

already has. the arrival of cards on the bazaar with all of the backpack

openings has accustomed the normals a adventitious at a lot added accessible bid

cards, which can be had for any ambit of prices depending on who sees it and how

abounding bids are placed. I've apparent silvers anchored at 3k go on bid for

300 or 400 coins.

  This is the complete best time to do the SBCs.

  Unfortunately there are a lot of humans who appointment this sub just to

yield advantage of accommodating people. I accede that this is the optimal time

to do SBC's but we charge to accumulate that on the down-low.

  Fair view, i accept it completely. But administration advice is what this

sub is about. allotment your skills, tactics, tricks. let humans know. Added

humans behest will accord the amount fixers fits as well.

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