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MMOgo Final Fantasy XV Gil Cheap - Only affair that would accomplish this bigger would be the akin of the

dungeons.I'm searching at you mines alcove with akin 7 goblins again a akin 50

something adversary at the end.

  Jesus Christ Balouve Mines! Found this while accomplishing some ancillary

missions, was somehow able to survive the aggression of lvl7 Goblins, again this

fucking barbarian of a monster with 9999 Insta-Kill Slashes shows up and I'm

declared to action this affair in an breadth for Lvl1-20? Fuck that.

  Seriously. Wandered in there at like akin 6. Was canoeing through, killing

akin 7 Goblins. All of a sudden, BAM! POW! killed. The fuck are akin 7 mobs

accomplishing in a akin 52 dungeon?

  Yeah haha... I exhausted the guy he was harder but all you accept to do is

anticipate and adverse his instadeath moves. He has a aphotic blazon move that

you deceit contrivance or adverse so you gota cycle out or warpstrike somewhere.

Could aswell use ignis during that time because his regroup move makes anybody

bulletproof during the animation. Or magic...

  If you use a gun and angle abaft a balustrade you can cheese it. I did, at

like akin 10. Mildly ashamed. He can't go up stairs and just stands there while

you shoot him.

  I exhausted him at akin 9 this morning, with 4 or 5 castings of Venomcast

Thundara (99 Lightning, 99 Antidote) while just continuing on those


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