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​Fallout 76 - Wastelander sub band of the settlers idea

news Jul-15-2019

​Fallout 76 - Wastelander sub band of the settlers idea

Been apathetic at plan for the able anniversary so I fabricated this up with my additional time to action off the boredom.

Name: The Shiner The accumulation is based off of backwood moonshiners/hillbillies.

Symbol: Moonshine jug with 3 X's

Locations: the added aerial arena of the Forest (main HQ is Sons of Dane's Compound).

Unique affected item: Brewer: Will about accomplish altered accustomed booze automatically. Absolute of 1.

Weapons: The group's capital weapons of best is shotguns mainly bifold barrel. The groups has a altered shotgun that has a drain aftereffect due to the atom metal they put in the shells. They are aswell accomplish use of molotov cocktails. They acquire their own altered molotov cocktail alleged Mountain Bonfire which does added damage, has a beyond aoe, and is afire aftereffect endure longer.

Outfits: Overalls and action boots. Men go shirtless while the women abrasion a white catchbasin top. As you rank up with the Shiners you you will alleviate new apparel for you appearance that is the aforementioned accouterments but your appearance gets association tattoos on them. (You accumulate all apparel in case you don't like tattoos.)

Armor: Kinda like a bigger put calm metal armor that would acquire bigger ballistic but worse activity defense.

Power armor: It would be steampunkie in appearance with a distillery attending and would run on Backwood Brew instead of admixture cores. It would alone be a little bigger the brigand adeptness armor but worse afresh T-45.

Consumables: Backwood Brew: has a 100% addiction bulk and gives 15 accident attrition (45 with partyboy) 5 backbone (12 with partyboy), 25 added max bloom (75 with partyboy) and gives 25% baptize (75% with partyboy) and takes abroad 9 intelligents. Weight: 3 pounds (works with thur-hiker) Recipe: 1 makeshift battery, 5 above waters, 6 snaptails reeds and the appropriate section of wood.

Events: Their contest are alone alive in the apple already you do their adventure band to the point area you become Association Kin. The 3 contest are 1. Drunken escort: You acquire to advice a bashed Association affiliate to get aback to one of the Association beginning (yay escort missions). 2. Avert 3 of the Clan's distillers (like Tea Time event). 3. Avert one of the Clan's settlements from brigand attacks. Rewards from the contest can be association outfits, weapons and Backwood Brew.

Daily quest: Distillery upkeep: cruise for locations to accumulate the Clan's capital Distiller up and running. (Reward is 1-3 Backwood Brew(s))

Companion: Annabell: She is apathetic to assurance outsiders and atrociously hunts anyone who would aching her kin. She is actual audacious and blunt. Not one to exhausted about the backcountry she would rather bang the hell out of it. Betrayal will aching her added then anything. She use her own altered shotgun artlessly alleged Boom.

Quest line: If you aboriginal appearance up to the Shiner they don't assurance you and forward you on a scavenger adventure to get being for one of their brewers to acquire their trust. (Way to bypass adventure is to claiming the baton to a bubbler competition.

Must acquire an Endurance of 8 or added and Professional Drinker advantage agenda to win.) If you acknowledgment with the allotment (or win the competition) the admixture comes beneath advance by a accumulation of raiders already you abolition the advance it turns out the association leader's babe was taken and you are tasked to added acquire their assurance by accepting her back. A aloft angry your way into the raiders abject you acquisition Annabell crusing up a storm and chargeless her demography her aback to the compound. Already aback at the admixture you are greeted and accustomed into the Association were you are accustomed the affairs for the brewer at your abject and a bifold butt shotgun alleged True Kin with a new allegorical aftereffect and mod (Legandary effect: Bigger drunk: Do added damage and acquire bigger accurateness while drunk.) (Mod: Rusty shot: causes the ambition to bleed.) You are afresh opened to their contest about the apple and can alpha a affair with Annabell. Annabell will accost you afterwards this and acquaint you about her family's shotgun that was taken by the raiders baton if she was captured. She abstracts if you were able abundant to accomplishment her by yourself you could advice her get it back. Action your way in the brigand admixture you acquisition the leader and of advance action already his is defeated he ask that you let him go and that he'll abandon from the place. You can annihilate him or larboard him go (effects how Annabell and the accumulation appearance you.) To added their adventure band you charge to do about 5 or 6 of their contest about the world. Already you complete the bulk of contest the association baton thinks you acquire done abundant for the association to become one of the association administration and puts you admitting a rite in which you acquire to action a bunch of association associates including Annabell in a chargeless for all affray (Optional Objective is to not use stimpacks but healing analgesic is allowed) as continued as you accomplish it into the endure 3 humans continuing you are fabricated association administration and accustomed a new association accouterments for the position and the admixture for Backwood Brew. You are afresh ordered to yield a accumulation of Shiner (including Annabell) to annihilate off addition subgroup of raiders. If you aboriginal access at the admixture it appears abandoned (Haha guess we afraid them off!) afresh you are ambushed and already afresh action your way into the brigand abject till you get to the leader. You will acquire a abbreviate babble with the baton (He will animadversion on if you let the added brigand baton reside or not and action to let you accompany him. (because you accept to in fact affliction for the brigand or you are one algid bastard.)) Adage no to him with alpha the bang-up fight. (say yes turns you over to the brigand ancillary to a point area you are administration for them.) Already you accomplishment off the baton he action at you cogent you that it was all a aberration anyhow and dies. Returning to the Shiner's admixture to acquisition it in mostly charcoal with alone a baby accumulation of survivors. They acquaint you they were attacked by the endure accumulation of raiders and that the association baton was killed. This drives Annabell into a acerbity and she rallies the survivors. You can try to calm her down and ask the added face groups for advice (it will alone plan if she likes you abundant and it will piss her off some.) She will accede with you and you acquire to get the added factions to advice or she'll say no if she doesn't assurance you enough. (You can accede with her to advance the endure brigand accumulation with just the Shiners, she brand if you accede but it will be a harder fight.) Already added you action your way to the endure brigand bang-up (this accumulation will be harder afresh the added because the survivors of the added brigand factions are there too.) Already you accommodated the brigand baton he will berate you and your accumulation (Hi Annabell how is your ancestor doing?) Afterwards the action he will bad guy monolog (How can I accident to a agglomeration of abandoned settlers ect ect.) Annabell will ask if you ambition to annihilate him or let her. (Like if you annihilate him. Loves if you let her.) Afterwards all that is said and done you acknowledgment to the Shiner's admixture to see the clan's architect boring acclimation the the abode and Annabell ask to allocution to afterwards she accord a speech to the Shiner. She will either accost you about her animosity and ask you to be her lover and 2nd in command or if she doesn't like you abundant just ask for you to be her 2nd in command.(If you become her lover she will accord you gifts every day you vist.) One of the architect will access you both afterwards you accomplishment talking adage that he accomplishment the activity Annabell had him alive on. You both chase him to acquisition it's the Shiner's adeptness armor. Annabell ability it to you adage it was meant as a abruptness to her ancestor but now she wants you to acquire it. That's the end of the questline.