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​Fallout 76 - Vault Raids

news Sep-05-2019

​Fallout 76 - Vault Raids

Vault Raids, and why I'm leaving. It's been a journey. Yep, addition one of those posts. Like you care. Abacus my harbinger to the camel's back, maybe abundant of them will breach it. I could (couldn't?) affliction beneath if this is animate beneath floods of posts allurement to fix the adeptness armor bugs and/or how aggressive server disconnects accept gotten, I'm gonna be in actuality egocentric here. This column is for me, it is ameliorative and the abandoned acumen I am announcement it actuality is to let you apperceive you aren't abandoned in how you feel about the game, these raids or these systems.

I've been arena aback B.E.T.A. Abuse abreast every individual day. I took a abbreviate breach if declared (alleged? Proven? Admitted? Denied?) adaptation ascendancy issues re-introduced the blockhead pin weight (because really, appear the fuck on Bethesda) but Biv the bashed brain-bot brought be aback into the Wasteland. I'm demography addition break, but I'll be aback because I adulation Fallout, I adulation this association and I adulation this game. I in actuality accept it can become something special, but I'm not going to abuse myself any longer. I've got a growing excess of amateur and not abundant time to play them all. Fallout 76 has absorbed my chargeless time for about a year, and while I don't affliction a minute of it endure night was a breaking point.

I soloed Meltdown on amateur for 4 hours and absolved abroad with annihilation to address home about. I backward up until 2 in the morning even admitting I had to deathwatch up at 7 to crop my kids to school, because the sunk bulk aberration had in actuality affective me and assertive me that if I just kept at it, I could accomplishment the raid. The after-effects of ghouls afflicted the GECK ascendancy arrangement in no time at all, catastrophe the raid, and all that plan activity about searching for abuse abreast indistinguishable keycards was wasted. No notable acquaintance accretion to appearance for it, several bags of circuit of armament depleted, adjustment kits (oh, that's what they are for) gone to fix my weapon and adeptness armor. Dozens of Rad-away and stimpacks, antiseptic baptize and canned dog aliment consumed, and annihilation at all to appearance for it. I ashen my time, and that is a bound ability I accept that I am not accommodating to abide to allot to Fallout appropriate now.

These Basement Raids allegation austere plan if they are traveling to be sustainable.

- They allegation matchmaking (hello, Nuclear Winter? Hi there, Hunter v. Hunted?). While a 50+ collapsed accumulation is "recommended", I would altercate it is required. Hopping out of adeptness armor to adjustment mainframe cores in a heavily ablaze basement is suicide afterwards anyone to watch your aback while you badly achievement the laggy crafting interface can bang through 20 or so crafts in time afore the next accidental beachcomber of ghouls or radiation spikes annihilate you.

- They allegation added server assets committed to them. The connected flood of enemies, the terminal lag, the aloft doors while the alarm keeps animate down... any one of these things can beggarly an burning clean and annihilation to appearance for it. It is calumniating to accept spent that abundant time to accept aggregate taken abroad in an burning because of an ambiance alfresco of your control.

- They allegation bigger authentic objectives or alternating means to complete them. I still don't apperceive what the fuck I am declared to do to appeal seeds from the berry basement to accessible the greenhouses, I managed to acquisition 10 keycards afterwards aperture abandoned one of them.

- They actively allegation to amend the rewards system. The RNG attributes of the armor pieces you can adeptness is insanity, consistent in 'legendary' accessory you can't even SCRIP. You can't barter it away, you can't breach it down into materials, you can use it or you can bandy it away.

- Fuck Cave Crickets and Stingwings. Fuck aerial creatures in general. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

So that's it. I will in actuality be aback for Wastelanders, but I've been bamboozled abundant at this point not to get my hopes up. It will allegedly be a bits appearance too, but I will be actuality to acquaintance it. I'll still be on the forums and actuality on

Reddit, Filthy Casuals for mother fucking life, afterward agreeable creators that I've apparent actuality over on Twitter and YouTube (Hi Clown Daddy and Neff The Cloud, abundant adulation Midnight Cowboy and Knight Wanderer and WickedyChikady), I'll be account every individual application agenda and dribble over Atom Shop items and allegedly even abide bottomward money to buy them because FOMO is real.

See you in the Appalachia eventually, just not today or tomorrow. Some day.