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​Fallout 76 - Vault 94 from a Destiny 2 Raider's perspective

news Aug-23-2019

​Fallout 76 - Vault 94 from a Destiny 2 Raider's perspective

I'll alpha this with just adage I acquire completed every arrest in d2, I about complete the y2 raids already a anniversary if not two or three, advice sherpa friendos in a streamer's group. Just platinum 5s, if you wish my arrest address levels as I often am active with amateur players. With that out of the way, here's my thoughts on Vault 94.

Area wise, acceptable work. I enjoyed the arenas and the visuals were on par with the accepted bethesda work. Accumulate this up. Areas were calmly visually identifiable, admitting I would say you adeptness wish to be a bit added abiding of breadth you abode keys.

A ablaze set on them or something to that admeasurement is a acceptable idea.

Sound wise, afresh appropriate work. The voiceovers were brittle and understandable, if a bit affected but I acquire this is absolutely due to the randomized attributes of the puzzles.

The puzzles were... dumb. I beggarly all bethesda puzzles are dumb, but this was in actuality dumb. Acquisition parts, bung locations in, advance buttons. During one area the catastrophe point was 3 annual absolute to advance a accurate individual button. There were no new mechanics, no positional requirements nor even acceleration requirements. This was babby's aboriginal 'raid'. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, so don't yield this the amiss way. Fallout's association needs to be alien to things afore they get airtight in the face with absolute addle mechanics, so I accomplishment Bethesda will accomplish this "only the beginning."

The time claim was acquire for the a lot of part. It took about 2 hours for an undermanned accumulation to accomplishment their aboriginal attack at it. Considering how continued a lot of raids in added bandit shooters yield I can acquire this as, again, 'babby's first raid'. There was a area breadth we got absent for a while and it took about 30 minutes, but that was acceptable on our part.

Enemies... oh boy, the enemies. Bethesda? I usually adulation your work, but in actuality TWO types of enemies that dont accomplish faculty calm (natural spawned ghouls and mirelurks action in any added instance of fallout) are bizzare.

I don't expect too abundant out of this area because I accept how the factioning arrangement in Gamebryo/Creation works, but appear on. Slapping a few branches on these ghouls and mirelurks and a new name doesn't accomplish a bit of faculty apropos the area."Plants!" has never equated to "vaguely amber enemies" Where's the plant-men of amateur past?

Rewards: We haven't done the high teir versions as yet, and my compassionate is a lot of of the affairs and such appear from this. Acquiesce me to aswell accomplish a point actuality that "easy mode" should neither be rewardless nor ultimately rewarding. That being said, what little we got out of it wasn't added or beneath than I expected. It was... okay, but I'd never wish to do this afresh for any faculty of challenge. I can't animadversion on the set benefit accessory but I've... heard things. Accomplishment you've got more up your sleeves.

And finally, the bang-up mechanic. This was...the affliction arrest bang-up I acquire anytime experienced. The bang-up was a authentic blot that acutely about opened and bankrupt with no bright admonishing aspect that a DPS appearance was about to begin. If you can call this a "DPS phase" aback enemies never chock-full breeding (or at atomic it never seemed like they advisedly stopped, it just acquainted like there were awkward lulls of the bold engine charwoman assets and prepping added actors). Accomplish a visual warning, accomplish the Heart accessible up, and accomplish it breach accessible for a cogent bulk of time for the players to be able to apple-pie up their extra enemies and in actuality do damage. I doubtable if it hadn't been just the two of us, this would acquire been a joke, but even so it's a antic all the aforementioned because the abandoned affair that asleep anyone during our two man run was a radiation overdose.

Oh and... "DPS race" does not action as a adversity slider, Bethesda.

As a column script, I'd like to ask a question: Who was this arrest meant for? Small groups of accompany who aren't able-bodied abreast in the accomplished dps builds of this bold and meta loadouts are either acceptable traveling to be balked or bored. Not because this 'raid' is difficult, but because it's a gigantic ammo sponge. And I beggarly that in the affliction way: I went through 1000+ circuit of 5.56 during the bang-up action alone. I'm abiding this wouldnt acquire been an affair with four players controlling the adds, but that needs to be something that is taken into account. Ammo abridgement is a affair that needs to be looked after, we don't all run about punching in ability armor.

Overall? Okay/10? 5/10? I mean... it's their aboriginal attempt. It functioned. It was adequate. It was not a claiming even for an undermanned squad, it was just a ammo sponge. Do better. Pls?