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​Fallout 76 - The Flamer Ammunition addict is absolutely not enough

news Jul-11-2019

​Fallout 76 - The Flamer Ammunition addict is absolutely not enough

I'm abiding about anybody knows about the issues of the flamer fuel, but this 'buff' is ridiculous. for appliance such a ample bulk of an aberrant resource, the bulk you get in acknowledgment is pitiful, Fallout 76 Items abnormally compared to the Flamer's 'spray and pray' function.

Compared to that of a minigun's ammo agreement (rightfully compared because the Flamer is finer a abbreviate range, no spinup activity minigun that lacks penetration), if a amateur has 1,000 acerbic and has activate bearing with maxed ammosmith, they appear out with a whopping 20,880 circuit of 5mm the Flamer? 3,600 fuel.

That's with 1,000 acid, which is a affliction to grab because it's not like the added accepted clutter that is all-important to ability ammo, aback a lot of can be accumulation produced from ores such as the Advantageous Hole Mine.

I about feel like the abuse was an 'accident' because what feels like a able bulk for the Flamer is a abject of 200 ammunition per craft, it's like the accepting forgot to add an added 0 there.

I can abandoned achievement the devs apprehend this or the community's acknowledgment in general. I'm animated there was a addict to the amount, but it's CLEARLY NOT ENOUGH, not even close.

This has been a affair aback barrage the devs havent mentioned annihilation about it aback the 'buff' candidly I dont ahead they playtest much. Half the weapons in bold arent applicable EX. Activity weapons accepting assertive allegorical furnishings broken, claret weapons(plus shiskebab) are debris could could cause of how DR works. Explosives like Fatman and missile launchers etc. are underwhelming and in adaptation approach pvp some humans actually yield 2 dmg from a 7k dmg fatman.

I play endgame just accomplished with a bequest TSE laser rifle, apparitional VATS gatling plasma, and bloodied missile launcher. I acclimated to use an instigating fatman as able-bodied but now I use the Daisycutter for weight purposes.

Nobody is demography "literally 2 dmg from a 7k dmg fatman." That's not a affair that's happening.