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Jun-12-2019 Categories: news

So I thought I wouldn't care for this mode at all but I am delightfully surprised and enjoying it.

I just won my first match. My wife and I were playing together. We placed ourselves just outside Helvetia and ran around looting everything we could. I found some armor, a .50 Machine gum and a sniper rifle and when the circle started closing in we ran up into the hills.

We quickly heard some gunshots and we hid behind a tree. I scoped them with my sniper and we opened fire on them killing a team of three that didn't know we were there. We went to loot them and a sniper started firing at my wife.

She fell and I tried to revive her but it takes a bit longer then just stabbing her with a stimpack and the sniper shot her two more times and she died.

I quickly backed out back into the bushes. Carefully I got away from the sniper and made my way up into the hills again. The circle was closing so I got within the circle and hid behind a tree. I heard some ghouls and then gunshots so I moved to have a look and saw someone in Power Armor being attacked.

I used this to my advantage and shot him with my sniper rifle taking him out. As soon as I took him out I heard the screeching of a scorchbeast behind me. I quickly ran to hide from it and luckily it got distracted by someone else who I quickly snuck behind and shot at with my .50 cal.

Someone else came out of the bushes as the scorchbeast continued to attack. We fired frantically at each other but I got a few more shots in with my.50 cal machine gun and won the battle crowning me Overseer.

I didn't expect to have so much fun in this mode but I did. My wife absolutely hates these types of games and she doesn't want to stop.

They also seem to have a nice levelling system with rewards and so far that is making me want to come back. The hardcore Fortnite and PUBG players might hate it but Fallout 76 Items as a casual Battle Royale fan I love it. Pretty happy with it so far.