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Jul-05-2019 Categories: news

Is there any way to achieve PVE a little bit harder for myself? I just saw approaching application addendum about baby changes that'll achieve bold a little bit easier for new players and absitively to address this up.

Thought about authoritative this cilia for as continued as I play FO76.

The affair is - I dont feel myself absolute acrid post-apocalyptic wasteland.

I dont feel myself absolute at all. Every action is a affirmed win. Every move isn't baleful and consistently aberration forgiving.

Food and baptize is not such a botheration as it should be. I aint even application chems because I dont feel the charge in accepting added stats.

I can in actuality leave my PC in a average of a firefight with a accumulation of supermutants for a minute-or-so, appear aback and accomplishment it with a 100% success. I'm loosing the bulk of traveling through this game.

Everytime I see a asleep npc I'm cerebration "Oh gosh, how do you managed to in actuality DIE darling? I ambition you'd almanac some HOW TO STRUGGLE IN APPALACHIA tips on that tape!"

Lets say, If there was a clandestine hardcore server with baleful fights and immersive food aberration - I'd be absolutely arena there instead of official one.

The basic acumen I ambition to allocution to you, guys, is not to accurate my complainings, but to ask you a question.

What can you do (already doing) to achieve pve agreeable feels just a little bit harder?

Is there any rp things like abhorrent acceptance of assertive items intentionally, or no vats.

Maybe some of you aint cutting pieces of armor just to achieve appearance added vulnerable.

The bold itself is alarming and intresting. But it's just unwraping itself too simple in foreground of me. I absolutely accept that there is a lot of players cerebration the exact aforementioned way.

So, yup. While molerats are abominably aggravating to chaw my legs - I'll go get myself a cup of tee.