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​Fallout 76 - I approved to run 3 queens this weekend

news Jul-24-2019

​Fallout 76 - I approved to run 3 queens this weekend

Getting ailing and annoyed of bold alcove center through endgame events. Bethesda needs to attending into server adherence for events.

You know, Fallout 76 Items that affair they affirmation they fix every patch. Lockups and disconnects should not still be this abundant of a problem.

I approved to run 3 queens this weekend. Some accidental alone a nuke so I anticipation I would accord it a go aback it has been a while.

Each queen attempt, I was bound up and DCed center through the fight. All 3 fights it happened at the aforementioned time. Appropriate afore she hit regen.

Spent about 10000 circuit of 5mm and got annihilation to appearance for it because Bethesda doesnt apperceive how to amount you aback into the endure map you left.

This should be a thing. If you do not "Logout" through the menu, the bold should auto amount you into the endure map you were on so you can abide contest you started while arena solo.

When in a aggregation you can acknowledge your team, but if you are abandoned and get DCed, you get busted out of the accident you were in at the time.

Ive been arena aback November, and adherence issues like this is what keeps blame me away.

You humans charge to alpha to do something to accumulate old longtime players interested.

Instead you accomplish the aboriginal bold easier (the claiming was a lot of of the fun) acquaint new appearance that humans dont use instead of acclimation the capital allotment of the game.

Unless your ambition is to accomplish this addition fortnight clone, afresh your affective in the appropriate direction.