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May-12-2019 Categories: news

The Scorched are a basic adversary of Fallout 76, but they acquire complete little array and already developed old for a lot of players.

Here are a few things I anticipation of that Bethesda could add/change about the Scorched to accomplish them memorable enemies like they affliction to be.

1: Added array in weapons/armor

Examples ability be Cult of Mothman Scorched, Brotherhood Scorched, and Scorched of the assorted Raider factions

2: Scorched in ability armor as a boss

3: Players can sometimes boodle the ragged Scorched outfits

4: This one ability be tougher to add, but Players can get the Scorched Virus from angry Scorched.

Basically - already you're a minimum akin of 10 or so, every hit from a Scorch Barbarian has a baby adventitious of infecting you. The virus would act as a alteration and could be convalescent application the anesthetic apparatus that's allotment of the Responders questline. The virus would change how your appearance looks and add a few carbon changes (maybe +5 endurance, -5 intelligence). The belief account as to how the amateur doesn't get apperception controlled or angry into a bronze would tie into application the anesthetic machine.

I get that's not how vaccines plan but it would still be cool.

5: Scorched Cryptids?

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