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​Fallout 76 - Fallout 76's Bounties, Outlaws and the Pursuit of Caps

news Jul-10-2019

​Fallout 76 - Fallout 76's Bounties, Outlaws and the Pursuit of Caps

Hi everyone! I'm cast new to Reddit and in the 5 mins that I've been actuality I can't accept why I hadn't accustomed sooner! I'm a huge Fallout fan but alone afresh purchased 76 afterwards giving it time to stabilise and aces itself up with DLC and W0W, I actually didn't apprehend to like it as abundant as I do! (I did try to column this bygone but Fallout 76 Items as it was my aboriginal column and bare to delay 24 hours it didn't register).

Anyway, to the affair at hand, it's a continued one so acknowledge you to anyone who takes the time to apprehend it all! This may or may not accept been brought up afore but I'd like to altercate the 'Wanted System' aural Fallout 76.

I've consistently admired the accomplishing of a compensation arrangement aural amateur (GTA5 does it V well) and and its accession to Fallout 76 was something I was appealing blessed about however, I'd just become capital myself whilst arena (for the aboriginal time too) and it's just occurred to me that the alone way to abolish the compensation is to... Well, die.

I currently still accept my whopping... 10 cap compensation on my arch and afterwards coursing through Google about accepting rid of it I was met with what I mentioned above.

I don't actually wanna die, I'd adulation to escape and see my compensation be austere but at this moment in time dying would be my alone advantage so I've appear to the one abode breadth my articulation could possibly be heard.??

What I'd looooove to see implemented, are safe houses, or compensation refuges breadth a compensation or bounties could adumbrate out and seek assurance from hunters.

There should be one safe abode per arena and these houses are endemic by conceivably Raiders, Super Mutants or Mole Miners (sentient and compassionate of abominable accomplishments and accessible their doors to anyone who they anticipate is aces of their services) and to accord an example, a Mole Miners safe abode would be amid underground; every abode has a altered feel and look. The freeholder will again allegation caps for any amateur that wishes to use their account and will Exile any player who causes agitation to any added amateur aural the safe houses; anticipate the Continental from John Wick. In these safe houses are your accepted crafting machines as able-bodied as absolute weapons and armour sets to that specific safe house. Altered safe houses will allegation altered ante by the adversity of that arena for example, a low akin amateur with a compensation on their arch would be angry abroad from the freeholder of the safe abode in Cranberry Bog HOWEVER...

This is breadth the new Wastelanders DLC chat timberline and Charisma advantage could appear into place... Low akin players who either accept top Charisma or abundant caps to facilitate their break could be accepted admission to that regions safe house.

If you don't accept the caps but you do accept the agreeableness and sway, you could be tasked by the houses buyer to complete a assignment which will accredit entry, this could appear in the anatomy of demography out a top akin adversary that's aggravation the breadth (there's not abounding called mini administration in the bold so this could acquaint some) to bringing in a admired resource/s. Also, by absolute in the safe your compensation is NOT wiped it is alone prolonged, you're gluttonous apartment afterwards all, not complete abandon AND... The best your stay, the added hire you pay... You're now apparently abnormality how on apple do I get rid of the blood-soaked compensation if it's alone abiding by blockage in the safe houses?? Well, that's breadth the hunters and how a compensation is placed appear in...

Thank you so abundant for accepting this far!

A compensation is placed on a amateur by the apprentice vendors at the assorted alternation stations amid throughout the acreage and hunters are able to admission compensation boards and are able to analyze through the capital targets that are aural that region, they apprentice of the targets accomplished deeds, crimes, endure accepted breadth etc and of course, the accolade of demography them down. The hunters are able to accretion admission to their own altered set of weapons and armour just like capital players and your acclaim or cachet could admission you added things should it be top enough.

Final bit...

If a capital amateur wishes to lose their capital level, they either accede to the candied absolution of afterlife OR accommodate with the bell-ringer who placed that compensation on them ORRR... A bound to the afterlife amid the bounty, and the hunter; a one round, one activity afterlife match. Bandy in a final option, a aggregation of hunters could get calm and storm a safe abode HOWEVER... alone akin specific hunters can go adjoin akin specific capital players for example, a akin 220 hunter can't just storm a safe abode in the Forest arena and yield out a akin 8 wanted... Balance people, their has to be a balance!

That concludes aggregate that I accept to say on this subject! I apperceive Fallout lore, I'm not as able-bodied abreast in the accountable as added admitting so I'd adulation to apprehend down beneath of everybody's thoughts on what they've just read, their own ideas, suggestions and if something like this could fit aural the belief and apple of Fallout.

Thank so abundant to anyone who takes the time to apprehend it all and who'll altercate added with me and others.