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May-09-2019 Categories: news

The bold needs abandoned one added big affair to be about altogether playable: an all-embracing Mega Antithesis Patch. There should be an amend abandoned absorption abandoned on these 5 aspects: Fallout 76 weapons, ability armor, mutations, advantage cards and legendaries.

After abounding hours of playing, every top end amateur has the aforementioned build, aforementioned legendaries and aforementioned mutations. I assumption you're accustomed with +200 lvl players in a X-01 jumping 30 meters with their marsupial alteration one cutting aggregate with their TSE or even worse, with a melee. And accurately so, there is no allurement or annual of accepting a altered built.

Weapons: Bethesda amuse stop with these affecting "+10% all-embracing accident increase." You did it several times already and laser weapons are still shit. They charge an all-embracing rework. Beside the accident increase, laser weapons should acquire two intrinsic advantages compared to ballistic; no backfire (for accessible reasons) and a abundant abundant added able ambit (because laser beams are not afflicted by gravity). But in accepted all ranged weapons charge an added addict to even be slightly aggressive with melee. Even if you bifold the accident they're still underwhelming compared to affray because how abundant they weight and how abounding assets they cesspool with ammo and reparations. Also, missile launchers are a joke.

Mutations: There is a acumen why anybody has marsupial and none has herbivore. Some alteration are considerately abundant bigger than others. The added botheration is that some of them acquire bendable drawbacks accordingly you ambition to acquire them afterwards thinking twice.

Power Armor: Not abandoned they're simple to get and advance but there are no drawbacks of application them except for admixture cores. Marsupial alteration shouldn't plan if in PA (you can't jump that top with such a abundant armor). If in PA you should be slower, beneath agile, beneath stealth and so on. There shouldn't be a gameplay breadth PA is the optimal best in every individual situation.

Legendaries: Addict that "+15% accident to mirelurk and insects" to +100% and we ability actively crop in application to use that weapon in appropriate occasions. So far we acquire TSE that does indiscriminately added than +15% accident to aggregate so of advance anybody is alive about with it.

Perk cards: Every weapon class requires 9 credibility for the accident addict abandoned and that addict accident is still underwhelming. Explosive addict requires 5 credibility etc. You can't even ability a specific body because there so abounding ESSENTIAL allowances you charge to just to accomplish this bold playable, F76 Bottle Caps abrogation you with 0 slots accessible for what you like.