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​Fallout 76 - Breadth to ability apprentice armor

news Sep-03-2019

​Fallout 76 - Breadth to ability apprentice armor

So this may be a asinine question, apologetic to ask.

I was travelling down south, and entered the atramentous zone, there is a alternation base alleged lewisberg.

The barter robot, awash me a "pocketed apprentice armor" plan for 1000 caps or so.

I went to my addendum section, and abstruse the plan.

I did recieve the bulletin saying, I acquire abstruse it.

In the station, there is an armor bench.

I went to the armor bench, and approved to acquisition how to ability it.

There was annihilation there.

I play on PC, so I noticed there a few options - "Q - toggle buildable" etc, there was addition advantage as well.

Nothing I did fabricated it so i could see breadth to body this armor.

I am acquainted there are a few agenda requirements for crafting items, but even in the case that, I bare a card, that I didnt have.

It should arise as greyed out, and afresh it should acquaint me the agenda akin I charge to acquire to body said item.

Perhaps there is some affectionate of akin restriction, to breadth I cannot even see the account on my body awning until i hit a assertive level? Im lvl 25 btw.

I aswell thought, maybe it is not fabricated at the armor bench, So... does anyone acquire any thoughts here? just a akin brake perhaps?