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​Fallout 76 - Basement 94 is a adeptness sink

news Aug-20-2019

​Fallout 76 - Basement 94 is a adeptness sink

Bethesda, Basement 94 is a adeptness bore and XP needs to be adored accordingly. There accept already been several posts about it, and I commented about the affair in added than one post, Fallout 76 Items but I anticipation I'd accomplish my own column because this affair really needs to get Bethesda's atttention.

Why nerf the bulk of XP we get from enemies? They are just as abundant resource-heavy to action as accustomed enemies. I get that you can get amaranthine spawns, but you don't get chargeless ammo and chems to annihilate those amaranthine enemies. Moreover, the very actuality that they are amaranthine and complete crowded, the hordes accomplish it all the added adeptness exhausting.

I rarely anytime accept to use stims if angry adjoin approved enemies, in the Basement I acclimated 10 in the aboriginal allowance alone, and I died in it. I can't brainstorm the net accident of humans who run builds fueled by drugs and alchool.

I get that you don't wish the Basement to be acclimated as a XP farm, but humans already do that by server bent locations abounding of enemies. Nerfing the XP we can get from enemies abandoned makes the basement beneath ambrosial to complete, behindhand of the superior of the rewards at the end (also, abolish drills pls. Or at diminutive accomplish them absolutely allegorical so I can scrip them).

And still, why does it bulk that humans that can survive in the Basement would akin up quickly? Akin already doesn't affect PvP, and the respec arrangement is a pain. Stop backbreaking players for playing, and crumbling resources.

Rewarding us the actual bulk of XP would accomplish the Basement a abundant added worthwile investment of our time, ammo and chems. Humans would even be beneath mad that the rewards are defective if they could at diminutive get a brace of levels out of it.