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May-13-2019 Categories:

1: Ability Play (Strength):

Allows you all-powerful backbone while in ability armor! akin 1: Ability to Bandy Mini Nukes at enemies, no Fatman Adapted akin 2: Ability to apply apparatus gun turrets as an complete weapon by captivation it up and pointing it in the accepted administration of your enemies. akin 3: Ability to aces up small-medium sized enemies and bandy them at your opponent.

2: Duck and Cover (Endurance):#

Allows you a adventitious to survive a hit from a nuclear blast, depending on your ambit from arena zero. akin 1: 10% Above bisected the ambit of the bang zone, 5% aural akin 2: 20% Above bisected the ambit of the bang zone, 10% aural akin 3: 30% Above bisected the ambit of the bang zone, 15% within.

3: He Went That-a-Way (Charisma):#

When you become wanted, some players will not be able to see your capital status. akin 1: 10% of added players akin 2: 20% of added players akin 3: 30% of added players.

4: CAMP Artisan (Intelligence):#

Craft robots for your CAMP! akin 1: Craft Mr Handys to acceptable you and added to your camp. akin 2: Craft Eye Bots to fly about your affected and play your admired music. akin 3: Craft Protectrons to avert your camp. akin 4: Craft Mr.

Farmhands to autumn your crops, purifiers, and extractors for you.

5: Nimble Fingers (Agility):#

You can now advance workstations afterwards abrogation your Ability Armor! (Only one level)

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