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​Elder Scrolls Blades - What weapons do you prioritize in End game Blades

news Nov-07-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - What weapons do you prioritize in End game Blades

I apperceive that Blaze/Slashing accident is allegedly the a lot of important blazon of weapon to accept artlessly because Liches are what about ends your Abysm runs, but what affectionate of weapons do you guys about craft, afresh atmosphere to a top standard?

I currently accept 11 weapons, which I apperceive is too abuse many.

- 2 Blaze swords (in case 1 breaks) for liches (the alone ones I've tempered).

- 1 Ice brand for dragons and dremoras.

- 1 Shock brand for dragons and skeletons.

- 1 Ice Billy which I kept for goblins but I now no best appointment goblins, so I now just use it on skeletons.

- 1 Poison billy for ambidextrous with Humans.

- 1 Blaze Axe for ambidextrous with Spriggans and Wights.

- 1 Blaze billy alone for Trolls.

- 1 Atk Acceleration Axe for no accurate reason, (it's just a waste).

- 2 Heavy weapons (Sword / Hammer) with Breaching enchants, got them to accord with asshole monsters that like to block a lot. I didn't acquisition them actual useful.

As you can see, anniversary weapon takes 8 dragon cartilage initially to craft, but a accomplished lot added to temper. and I'm consistently low on dragon basal even admitting I alone atmosphere blaze swords.

What's your loadout and acumen for said loadout?