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Jun-12-2019 Categories: news

So I'm Level 50 and have beaten all the main quests. Among other things, I'd like to temper my dragonbone battleaxe. But to get it to mythical status, for example, I need 233 dragon bones and 3 firebreath opals.

I have opened countless chests  (The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold including a bunch since the most recent patch) and I simply do not get dragon bones or firebreath opals.

The only way for me to get dragon bones is to buy them, one at a time, twice a day, from the smithy. And a firebreath opal? I've never seen one and don't expect to anytime soon.

I really do like this game - its a fun time-waster and easy to play while doing other things. But it's kind of hard to enjoy it when you can get thousands of pieces of worthless limestone and lumber, again and again and again, but have no way of getting what you actually need.

I realize posting this here won't fix it, but felt like venting. Anyone else? I suspect that somehow at level 50 the drop rate of Dragonbones/Scales actually decreases.

I am loathe to say this because I was on the opposite side of this equation between level 45 and 48 I had Dragonbones and Scales drop on roughly 1 out of every 3 golden chests - getting 8-10 Dragonbone drops between 45-50.

Since I hit 50 I have opened 2 Legendary chests, 2 Elder chests and 35 Golden chests mainly with gems and looking through the screen shots I took of every chest since I hit 50 I totalled out of:

# 35 Gold Chests

Arentine 5

Pyrine 11

Dragon Bones 0

Dragon Scales 17

Dragon Claw 18

Daedra Hearts 140

Faerite 25

Transcendent Gems 2

Glorious Soul Gems 12

Grand Souls Gem 27

# 2 Elder Chests

3 Daedric items of ineffectiveness that I salvaged for 70 Daedra Hearts 41 Ebony

Daedric Plate Boots of Fire Supression which I vendored for 13K

1 Arentine

1 Pyrine

6 Glorious Soul Gems

4 Transcendent Soul Gems

11 Faerite

47 Daedroth Tooth

77 Ebony Ingots

# 2 Legendary Chest

Flawless Dragonplate boots of Shock Supression which I salvaged for 26 Dragonbones and 25 Dragonscales.

Superior Dragonbone Battleaxe of the Blaze which I salvaged for 7 Dragon Bones 4 Ebony Ingots.

1 Daedric Shield of Debilitation which I vendored for 12K.

1 Exquisite Daedric Shield of Scorching which I Salvaged but didn't record what I received.

155 Dragon Claw

3 Pyrine

29 Faerite

25 Transcendant Gems

36 Glorious Soul Gems

So it does appear to me that something is definitely broken on the Dragonbone/Scale drops. I'll update this list in a week or so when I add another 28 Golden chests to it (Not using gems any more for this garbage).