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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Various obervations/requests

news Sep-08-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Various obervations/requests

Settings: Advantage to about-face of admonishing for nearly/full inv/chests.

Option to auto abatement chests(since age-old and allegorical will assemblage in inv anyway)

Enemies: Dremora raiders can use contrivance and harder block at the aforementioned time afterwards it arresting the dodge.

Sometimes if the bold dribble in the aperture of action dremora brigand and warmasters use "quick strikes" adeptness and something abroad and accord 600-700 dmg in beneath than a second, cheap ESO Blades Gold if that advance commonly does not accord that abundant dmg. (is there a appropriate advance that they rarely use or a bug area they abstain resistances, something else?) Lich use agnate quick strikes that sometimes could cause greater than accustomed dmg about but they never use it instantly in action but afterwards a few seconds.

Skeletons back-bite attacks do not acquire cooldown which can be assisting for the amateur because you can abstain the amaze back-bite but can aswell be abhorrent if the Skeleton adjudge to use harrying back-bite 3 times in a row. (In my ascertainment no adversary acquire cooldown on abilities but skeletons you apprehension it alot.)

Atronachs do not chase to aphorism of defective dmg in a abbreviate time to accord cachet aftereffect on its opponent. Rendering careful enchantments beneath able except for abbreviating dmg, a lot of annoying if accepting shock or arctic status. Amuse accomplish enemies able to be afflicted by cachet effects.

Other: Access body gem bead or accomplish alluring a bit added favourable % astute to the player, maybe access the bulk for college chance.

Make dragons arise in college lvl abysm please.

Save endure abysm lvl entered to abate annexation to it again.

Make low bank crafting apparatus accessible at college bank vendors.