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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Update 1.4 Patch Notes

news Oct-11-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Update 1.4 Patch Notes

It's time to bless the Witches Festival! With Update 1.4, you'll accretion casting new additions to the bold to alarm and delight: Four new alarming quests abandoned for the bravest a allotment of you, awful decorations to appearance off your anniversary spirit, and your Town is now an alarming caliginosity abode with new music to match.

Update 1.4 aswell includes abounding bug fixes, new features, and improvements—such as acclimation the bug causing Saashi to accept a adventure casting aloft her head, and an absolute spell overhaul. The abounding Patch addendum are below!


- New Quests: Beware of adverse spiders, creatures ambuscade in aphotic caves, mysteriously abandoned villages, and added in these four new appalling quests!

- Spell Overhaul: Several abiding changes to spells are afoot! Casting can no best be interrupted, the Willpower advantage now provides accident attrition if casting, spells are now added powerful, and abundant more.

- New Caliginosity Town: Anybody knows the best time to bless the Witches Festival is at night! Now you can adore your Town at nighttime, with chilling new data to bless the division and alarming new music.

- New Decorations: You'll accretion casting new chilling decorations in account of the Witches Festival in adventure rewards and craftable in your Workshop.



- Potions: Greatly added the adeptness of basal attrition potions.

- Enchantments: Doubled the adeptness of basal attrition enchantments.

- Enchantments: Added altered complete furnishings for action enchantments on ablaze and abundant weapons.

- Decorations: Added chilling decorations to adeptness at the Workshop:

a, Dev note: The Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin King are accessible from the start, while the King's Sentry becomes accessible in akin 5 Workshops.

b, Dev note: The new Apprentice's Orrery can aswell be fabricated in akin 3 Workshops


- Spells: Amateur and adversary spells are no best disconnected if the alembic takes damage.

- Spells: Revised the Willpower advantage to accommodate accident attrition while casting a spell.

- Spells: Revised a lot of spells:

a, Fireball deals added damage, and no best hurts the alembic if disconnected by a beauteous or paralyzing effect.

b, Wall of Fire deals added accident to enemies, and abundant beneath to the caster.

c, Frostbite deals added damage, but its best continuance has been reduced.

d, Poison Cloud deals added damage, and its casting time has been reduced.

e, Blind deals added damage, and its casting time has been reduced.

f, Paralyze deals added damage, and its casting has been reduced, but the breadth of its aftereffect has been lowered.

g, Resist Elements is added powerful, but its casting time has been increased.

h, Ward can now be casting instantly and at any time. It provides hardly added Armor Rating at academy ranks, but negates beneath basal damage. Its best continuance has been reduced.

i, Echo Weapon provides added accident with ablaze or abundant weapons at assertive ranks due to acclimation a rounding error.

j, W0W official Armor and Absorb are hardly added able at academy ranks.

k, Consuming Inferno, Lightning Bolt, Delayed Lightning Bolt, Thunderstorm, and Ice Spike accord added damage.

- Conditions: Basal altitude are easier to inflict.

- Conditions: Standardized the continuance of all basal altitude to 5 seconds.

- Conditions: The On Fire action now prevents Health regeneration.

- Conditions: Doubled the accident and best Health abridgement acquired by the Poisoned condition.

- Enemies: Bargain the best Magicka of a lot of enemies, as able-bodied as the ranks at which they casting spells.

- Potions: The buttons to bound alcohol Magicka and Stamina apology potions now arise whenever you can't pay the bulk of a adapted accomplishment that isn't on cooldown.

- Enemies: Added how anemic assertive enemies are to their basal weaknesses: Bandits, Mercenaries, Necromancers, Thalmor Agents, Warmasters, Nether Liches, Liches, amphitheatre action job opponents, and all Dragons.

- Enemies: Greatly added the adeptness of Dragon animation attacks.

- Jobs: Bargain the Health and hardly added the accident of amphitheatre action job opponents.

- Power: Revised how amateur and adversary adeptness are calculated.

a, Dev Note: This may advance to a abrupt change in your recommended starting Abysm floor, as able-bodied as in the skull ratings accustomed to your accepted quests.

- Skills: Abilities can now be upgraded while in combat.


- Equipment: Raised the acme of able war axes to accomplish them added arresting while walking about and in combat.

- Town: Afflicted the Town from day to night to bless the Witches Festival.


- Level: Added a recommended amateur akin to all quests.

- Quests: Added 4 frightening, appalling quests!

a, Dev note: One becomes accessible afterwards commutual anniversary one of these capital quests: The Bloodfall Queen, The Missing Scroll, Facing the Dragon, and The Five Stones.

b, Dev note: Anniversary one rewards you with a new decoration.


- Perk: Added a Matching Set figure to the Appearance Menu to let players with Matching Set apperceive if the advantage is currently applied.



- Enchantment: Fixed a rounding bug that displayed the aftereffect of Fortify Primary Enchantment as 16% instead of 15%. The absolute aftereffect charcoal banausic at 15%.


- Quest: Fixed a bug that fabricated a adventure figure arise aloft Saashi while she had no new adventure to give.


- Enemies: Fixed a bug that fabricated high-level enemies added acceptable to block low, sometimes indefinitely, while low on Health.

- Enemies: Fixed a bug that prevented enemies from transitioning anon from blocking to casting.

- Training: Fixed a bug that let you annihilate Staki during training by abbreviation her best Health to 0.


- Enemies: Fixed a bug that prevented enemies from acting abnormally while Blinded by the Blind spell.

- Perk: Fixed a bug that fabricated the Action Focus advantage hardly beneath able than intended.

- Potion: Fixed a bug that let players alcohol restorations potions to restore an aspect at best if that best had been reduced.