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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Two end-game accessories questions

news Oct-17-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Two end-game accessories questions

Hello everyone! How are you all? I am assuredly accessible to get a abounding Daedric Mail set and a Daedric or Dragonbone Greatsword.

1- What should I allure my armor with?

2- What should I allure my Greatsword with?

Chadams222 told me that...

The bold as is (version 1.3): Abounding accept announced for daedric and accept gone for the benefit attraction (completely about appearing) of spell resistance. I've apparent variances in the adopted capital enchantment. I've aswell apparent abounding go for a crit-health action (with about accustomed benefit enchantments that enhance the amateur if blossom is critical). This is not my adopted strategy, but I accept apparent abounding affirmation that this succeeds. 

The acumen for daedric is that the dragon cartilage and calibration assets are too deficient to allow again attraction attempts to get the adapted accidental benefit enchantments.

The next adaptation of the bold (version 1.4): They are allegedly re-working the abracadabra system. No abstraction what that agency or what it will impact. My ascertainment is that I've not apparent any appearance strategies that are based on spells or casting. Some allowance and ends of how to cover a spell during combat, but the "big picture" action is based about what armor to abrasion and what weapon to wield. I doubtable that whatever they accept in apperception for 1.4, it's to accomplish the abracadabra added "relevant", in that our approaching discussions will cover austere spell-casting strategies. We will not apperceive until 1.4 is available, and we don't apperceive what appulse this will accept on the game.

The approaching adaptation of the bold (version ?): At some point we are accept to get PvP. We don't apperceive what that will be like, we don't apperceive the mechanics, we don't apperceive annihilation about it. I've speculated on what strategies would plan able-bodied adjoin added players, but that's apprenticed to an compassionate of 1.3 (and not 1.4). I'm authoritative a lot of assumptions on how bold mechanics will work, the Elder Scrolls Blades Gold and I apperceive that my assumptions are traveling to be abundantly adapted with anniversary altered aloft adaptation of the game.