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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Tips for angry Liches

news Sep-15-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Tips for angry Liches

Anyone accept any advantageous admonition for angry Liches? I've akin 41 and got abounding Ebony with 677 defense, 138 ATK, and blaze longsword. I managed to exhausted the final bang-up by just spamming potions and animate scrolls.

Now I'm aggravating to get abysmal into the Abyss for that candied candied TESO Blades Gold, but the botheration is every time I run into a Lich it's basically a affirmed run ender.

Mostly because every time I hit one 1/6 of my bloom is instantly deleted. even if I use the basal attrition spell I'm demography cogent accident if I bang the Lich, and 10 abnormal isn't about continued abundant for me to annihilate it afore the spell wears off and I'm affliction myself added than the Lich again.

I don't in fact wish to bake through bags of gold annual of potions just to get through one Abyss enemy. How do you guys accord with the accident that advancing a Lich does to you?

Liches are a botheration for me too, but they alone accompany me to lower bloom (run-ender if I appointment them at in fact college floors aloft my recommended level).

1, Ward spell works wonders adjoin enemies who accord basal accident and it (almost) in fact negates basal accident for 5 seconds. Has to be the aboriginal affair I do adjoin Liches, Dremoras, and Blaze Atronachs.

2, Enemies can't block while you're application Reckless Fury, they're beneath abhorrent and yield added damage. It in fact gives you an bend adjoin tougher enemies.

My action is: anticipate aboriginal strike, use Ward spell, accord accident and use Adrenaline Dodge until Reckless Fury charges, use Reckless Fury to accompany them to low bloom and annihilate them.

I should agenda I'm application two handed weapons for quick auctioning of enemies and you can accept bigger luck with Basal Protection advantage offered by shields.