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Jun-13-2019 Categories: news

This game is fun and really is, at its heart, a TES game. This is coming from a lifelong TES fan. Easy to play without spending money with fun combat and a town to build and decorate. A lot of you redditors are min/maxers, but I've been filling my whole town out with buildings and RPing like "this is the park" "this is where the commoners live" "this is my house" etc.

Once the glitches are worked out it will be a good mobile game. But even once the gliches are fixed, repair costs balanced, and more job dungeons added, it won't be a GREAT game. To that end I have several ideas.

1, The soul of TES as an RPG series lies in great writing and deep lore. All of the titles use the rich world to tell complicated and interesting stories. I know they are working on "additional story content" but it seems they might just add more to the main quest. I see, instead, great potential in adding several questlines and using the town to do so. They should add buildings that spawn questgivers. Inns, taverns, guilds, temples - staples of the world, of any walled town in the rough location we're given.

- Build a shrine at a level ten workshop and get a quest from the Ada once I placed it in the city.

- Operate the local thieves guild from a back-alley pub.

- Incentivize the min/maxers to fill out their towns; instead of putting up 12 houses for no reason, they'd be investing in quest chains and unique rewards.

2, So far there is no interaction between players at all. Understandably, since it's Early Access. When it comes, it opens up a whole range of opportunity outside the Arena.

- Inter-player market for Mats, maybe even items?

- Group Abyss Raids?

- They can ask us to spend gems in the process (more slots in the market, higher priority in raid groups).

3, Player stats would be nice. One of the things that has always set the TES games apart is that you improved skills and attributes by using those skills and attributes. Even if almost useless, these would be a nice addition.

- Skills, like slashing, cleaving, bashing, magic and sneak that improve with use.

a, The best use of the weapon skills would be to impact the deterioration rate of related weapons.

b, "Magic" could affect mana cost of spells.

c, "Sneak" would affect the range at which mobs aggro on to you. It'd also be nice if you could "surprise" mobs for some bonus.

- There should also be ranged spellcasting. Even if it's hard to implement. In combat you can only really cast spells on a staggered opponent. All of the offensive spells would be much The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold, much more useful, as well as more consistent with the rest of the series including all the other spinoffs, if you could get one or two off while the mob charged you.

- Most importantly, why are there no books in this game? Bethesda you have one of the richest, deepest fantasy worlds in existence and it's so unique, quirky, schizophrenic, and believable because it's always been filled out by hundreds of in game books. You don't even have to write any new ones. Maybe even a bookstore in town?