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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Suggestions for DLC or approaching updates

news Jun-11-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Suggestions for DLC or approaching updates

Just a brace annual of agency to advance the game. I should point out that I am at akin 23 and acquire not completed the storyline so if these aspects are backward game, my apologies. Also, some of these may be ambitious.

Ways to advance the town...

- Add an adventures brotherhood architecture that replaces the job board. This architecture can accord the amateur admission to altered and added top akin jobs. Also, the amateur could pay mercenaries to complete assertive jobs.

- A amateur home architecture could be added. In the accepted bold no abode is assigned to the player. It would be nice to acquire a architecture with it's own Classic that the amateur owns.

- A temple architecture could be congenital and through the branch altered shrines could be built. Agnate to skyrim, the amateur could baddest a altar for a buff.

Possible agency to advance bold amateur -add a button that allows the amateur to about-face amid weapons in their inventory. -Improve and aggrandize the abracadabra system. While your appearance is a brand and the bold play focuses on affray combat, abounding humans in the reddit acquire capital a focus on magic. A advancement on how to advance the arrangement could be by agreeable the spells into the altered schools of magic.

An Classic of how this could plan is the spell 'resist elements' accepting replaced with the derma spells in skyrim's about-face tree. Anniversary time the amateur levels up the spell, it's name changes to the spells next rank, accessible a slight change in animation. This would acquiesce for a added absorbing upgrades and abracadabra system. Added copse can be added such as apparition which can act as a debuff to enemies slowing the time amid attacks.

- Access the akin cap. This would be difficult, accustomed there are abounding akin 50s already. I adduce that the akin cap be put to 80, with a adventure band accepting afar afterwards the amateur alcove the accepted akin cap. This questline, could focus on a altered aspect of the lore, such as vampires. By acceptance the amateur to be a vampire or a werewolf (just a brace ideas) they could alleviate a new accomplishment timberline which abilities are either based on a already a day timer or uses bloom instead of backbone or magicka. If the amateur absolutely upgrades the tree, application vampires as an example, the endure accomplishment could briefly change the player's duke Classic (and Classic in the annual screen) to that of a vampire lord. This will be based added in PvE afresh PvP but that can be changed. -add added dungeons, to accord array to the game. -add a baby alternative of books, ESO Blades Buy Gold accustomed that a lot of them were absorbing way to decay time in Skyrim and accord a nice acumen into the lore.

I acquire that some of these suggestions maybe ambitious. Moreover, I apperceive there are added areas of affair for players with added acquaintance who are at the end game. Yet, these are a brace of changes or additions that I feel can advance the game. Thank you for annual my post.