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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Requesting tips for beginners

news Nov-05-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Requesting tips for beginners

Hi! I just started arena Blades and I'm new to this blazon of game, so I'm just apprehensive what tips I should apperceive as a beginner.

Some questions I have:

How do I use the spells in a fight? They assume to just vanish to the ancillary if I try to use them. A brace times I got the blaze to work, but not abiding what I did differently.

What's better: Accident or dps?

How do I get my boondocks to akin up? Does architecture houses help? Is it all about quests and xp?

Right now I'm in the wizard's belfry adventure and accumulate defective to acquisition levers and keys to accessible the aboideau to the next room.

However I can't acquisition the key appropriate now. Not even abiding how I begin them before... I just absolved about and afresh they opened, but this allowance is accepting added difficult. Any tips?

Thank you so abundant for any advice and advice! I'm adequate the game, just ambition I accepted it a little better.