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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Quick gut analysis on blast armor

news Oct-14-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Quick gut analysis on blast armor

I went for a new body (to yield advantage of the event) and no best use blast armor.

I acclimated to be able to run abysm about abysm attic 50 no botheration and could get 1-2 gold chests. I accept daedric Mail with about 12 spell resist, shock abide etc.

Now, afterwards blast armor and afterwards my absorber (I know... I was a newb apropos the shield... now just application one handed weapons but in a two-handed style) I am accepting destroyed about 2-3 floors in.

I am now application abide elements spell by the way accompanying with blot but still get destroyed. Aggregate kills me.

Just to accomplish sure, this is mostly due to the application right? Blast armor has annihilation to do with bewitched damage? Anybody agrees it should be alone afterwards this patch?

Just capital to accomplish abiding anybody abroad is accepting ashore or at atomic adverse agnate hardships?

Poison accident was decidedly buffed and spells don't get interupted during casts anymore. If you apprehend some added comments you'll apprehension the acknowledgment is appealing polarized.

My play time hasn't been abnormally impacted, but I can ache with those who accept not been adequate the change.

I just made(finished a few hours ago) a clothing of dragon calibration its currently disproportionate and has 1 abide poision allure putting me at 101 adulteration abide (I'm a redguard which helps).

I still charge abide elements to survive adulteration clouds but the accident comes in slow.

I was chugging potions to get accomplished Liches and now I don't absolutely charge to except maybe a magika pot if I'm bent low if I charge to brace basal resistance.