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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Questions as I admission akin 50

news Jul-09-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Questions as I admission akin 50

I've try to apprehend as abundant posts as I can on this sub, but I'm array of accepting adverse advice and it's ambagious me:

1, I see humans adage to stop at akin 48, but I've aswell apparent others who say stop at 50, or not at all. I get that it's to get atronite, but will that arrest me from accepting Dragon Cartilage drops?

2, What's actually the bigger or OP armor, bowl or mail? I about run bowl because I like the look, but others accept to advance application mail (specifically Stahlrim)? Or is there no 1 set I should abrasion and about-face amid the 2 sets depending on who I'm fighting?

3, As for alluring armor, is it best to go majority stam, and maybe 1 breadth for mag?

4, If should I alpha enchanting? Should I delay till I alpha accepting dragon cartilage afore enchanting?

Atronite is acclimated for about-face accessories lower coffer than draconic, and to ability the two accomplished coffer jewels.

I don't anticipate that Stalhrim armor is bare to action Wispmother. I feel like they are actually simple to annihilate accepting top damage, and you could eventually put a frost attraction on your armour (also advantageous to abate the basal accident taken by Lich's sword, which should be accomplishing frost and adulteration damage).

Wispmother can potentially be calmly asleep even afterwards armor, if anyone can't, that should usually be a botheration of action and/or damage. If you wish to use Wispmother on the simple Abyss floors to alleviate yourself, you could just accouter a Stalhrim absorber or casting Abide Element 1.

Also, in the endgame, if agriculture starting 5 or added floors added than the recommended attic (if recommended is 50), which is optimal, there are not Wispmothers.

Plate armor is viable, I'm application a Daedric bowl armor with spell attrition as benefit attraction on all the three pieces, and I could do ‘everything' with it. I accept it from afore they anchored Bank of Fire, acceptance blaze attrition to reduce its damage. I'm planning to ability aswell a Daedric mail armor in the future. I anticipate bowl armor is just not optimal for now, because I yield a lot of accident by advancing bandy Bank of Blaze and by accepting addled from Dremoras, if their level is high.

I'd say that in this bold there are a lot of applicable armor sets for the endgame (Elven, Glass, Stalhrim, Daedric mail, Daedric and Dragon plate, Dragon scale). They all seems to be advised to potentially be acclimated as endgame armor.

I'd prioritise application my dragon basal for weapons, afore eventually crafting a Dragon bowl armor.