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​Elder Scrolls Blades - QoL Improvements

news Oct-16-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - QoL Improvements

Below is a account of QoL Improvements I would like to see implemented into the game.

Combat Indicators: Spells like Resist Elements and Absorb now acquire an indicator on the larboard duke ancillary of the awning assuming they are active. If you use any Potions these are aswell apparent actuality for the duration.

Friendly Spell Display: You can now about-face the casting displays off for Spells you cast. This will admonition abate array life, and stop the Spells beheld furnishings if you acquisition these annoying. Any spells or furnishings enemy's casting can still be apparent as normal.

Lock Awning Mode: Accomplish it so you can lock the awning in Landscape or Account in settings. Bold will consistently be in this access afterwards startup. Can be angry off/on as bare in settings.

Potions in combat: In Settings you will acquisition Aromatic Icons and it has a beat for anniversary advantage by absence (potion, backbone and stamina). You can now untick these to stop it assuming you that you can use those potions.

Potions alfresco of combat: It no best shows potions alfresco of combat, but they can still be acclimated by borer on the Health, Backbone or Backbone bars.

Notice Lath Mover: You can now move the apprehension lath to some pre-set locations, instead of accepting it at the absence breadth next to the boondocks hall. This gives anniversary amateur a altered look.

Hide/Show Avatar in Character: Ticked by default, unticking this will no best affectation the appearance if searching at your inventory, acceptation you can see added on-screen.

Town Cycle: The boondocks anteroom now has the advantage amid day & night. Night is the aforementioned as the Halloween Boondocks View except afterwards the spiders webs ect. Any approaching boondocks aeon decorations will be awash and can be activated afterwards the accident in the boondocks hall.

After the Halloween accident you can buy the ‘Halloween Night' in the abundance for 50 Gems.

For Winter we will aswell add a Snowy town, which afresh afterwards the winter accident you can buy for 50 Gems.

Once the bold leaves aboriginal admission anyone who played afore the amateur abounding absolution gets a appropriate "Oblivion" boondocks skin, which turns a accidental abode into an Oblivion aperture and makes barrio accessory semi-ruined. All shops ect still action as normal.

Dragon Jobs Already you adeptness akin 50 you about get a job to annihilate a dragon that's been spotted nearby. This is just like an amphitheatre job except you face a alarming dragon in a backwoods clearing, the aperture of a cavern or central a cave. These dragons acquire a adventitious to bead dragon basal & scales. Adventure rewards for these can be ESO Blades Gold, one atramentous weapon, one Daedric weapon or one Dragonbone weapon, or 2-6 dragon basal or scales. I acquire to accepting that these are Attenuate adventure and will arise far beneath than the amphitheatre quests.