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​Elder Scrolls Blades - New Adventure Line: Plagued with Lycanthrope

news Oct-07-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - New Adventure Line: Plagued with Lycanthrope

My abstraction for a adventure breadth you charge to coursing down and annihilate a werewolf, and you accretion a appropriate weapon of your best at the end of the adventure alleged Wolfsbane.

At boondocks akin 10 a merchant arrives at boondocks abominably exhausted up and with a lot of of his appurtenances either torn or baseborn by something, or someone.

He says he will pay you to clue down this fiend and accompany aback its head.

The aboriginal adventure is simple: airing through the dupe until you arise aloft the merchants torn barrow and acquisition advance of a ample wolf-like creature.

The wolf-like creatures leaps out at you and knocks you benumbed and you deathwatch up some time later, and the adventure completes; you accretion a argent chest, a baby bulk of gold and a Translucent Soul Gem.

When you get to boondocks you allege to the merchant and he tells you he pissed off a adventurer and the adventurer said he would get his revenge. It looks like you're traveling to acquire to acquisition a weapon of killing a werewolf.

The added adventure takes you to a adjacent boondocks and the bounded boiler says he can actualize a Dragonbone Weapon with baby spits of Argent alloyed into the bone, so it can aching the werewolf. He forward you on a adventure to acquisition the abstracts needed, a special argent alleged "Moonlight Silver".

This takes you to adjacent caves breadth you charge to acquisition 6 of these "Moonlight Silver" ores and aswell accumulate some dragon basic by killing the dragon attention the cave. The dragon is an ancient dragon and already every 15 abnormal during the fight, it will about-face its colour like a chameleon and the basal it is anemic to changes. Already you've dead the dragon and aggregate the ore, the adventure completes and you accretion a Golden Cheat, 10 Dragon Basic and a baby bulk of The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold.

You go aback to boondocks and duke over abstracts bare (6 Moonlight Ore, 6 Dragon Bones, 4 Daedra Hearts and 2 Argent Ore). You can afresh aces the blazon of weapon you want: one-handed, two-handed or able and aswell if you ambition it to be a Sword, Axe or Mace. This weapon takes 4 hours to accomplish and already done he sends you to the the Archimage in your home boondocks to administer a 'special' attraction into the weapon.

The third allotment takes you to your archimage breadth talking to him he tells you he has a appropriate but abstinent attraction he can abode on the weapon. This costs 1 Translucent Soul Gem, 2 Grand Soul Gems and a canteen of Werewolf blood.

Catch 22 right? You charge Werewolf claret to annihilate a werewolf. You are tasked with traveling aback out into the world, authoritative the werewolf drain and afresh artifice afore he can accomplishment you off. You clue the werewolf to a adjacent allowance and ambush him. You get the bead on him and if you administer to accord some accident afore you die, you get the advantage to 'attempt escape' breadth you run aback to town. This awards you with a Argent Chest, a Canteen of Werewolf claret and some gold. You can now alpha the attraction which takes a added four hours to complete.

Once complete you get the weapon "Wolfsbane" which deals the accident blazon you chose for the weapon and the admeasurement of the weapon you chose, but has the afterward enchantments: Primary- Advance Acceleration is 25% quicker Secondary- Adds 15 credibility if Fire, Frost, Shock and Adulteration on hit. Secondary- Anniversary time you hit with this weapon, you alleviate for 8 HP (one-handed), 10 HP (Versatile) Or 12 HP (Two-Handed).

You are now on the endure allotment of this quest, killing the werewolf.

You clue him to a cavern breadth he is aching hardly from your antecedent fight, but this abandoned makes his attacks added baleful and he pounces on you, his advance acceleration college than the endure fight. Already he hits 5% HP he surrenders and changes aback to animal form, allurement for mercy. You can either annihilate him and yield his arch aback to the merchant or let him reside below the affiance to never acknowledgment to the breadth again.

If you annihilate him, the merchant is blessed and gives you a abundant bulk of gold, and some end-game crafting materials. You will aswell get a supply every anniversary if opened gives the aforementioned boodle as a Golden Chest. You aswell accumulate Wolfsbane.

If you chargeless him, you accretion a Ancient Chest and already per anniversary you will get a supply and a acknowledge you agenda for accepting benevolence that if opened gives the aforementioned boodle as a Golden Chest. You aswell accumulate Wolfsbane.