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Jul-04-2019 Categories: news

Dear Celemaril Light-Bringer,

I apperceive you are abandoned and apathetic in an abandoned arena. I apperceive you ambition to be killed. But I just don't ambition to annihilate you yet.

If I annihilate you, I will get a allegorical chest;

If I accept a allegorical chest, I ambition to accessible it;

If I accessible it at akin 48, I got junks; So I charge to akin up to 50 to accessible it;

If I akin up to 50; I will not get Atronite from Gold chest any more;

If I don't accept Atronite, I can't atmosphere my Daedric gears;

If I don't atmosphere my Daedric gears, I charge to atmosphere my Dragon gears;

If I ambition to atmosphere Dragon gears, I charge dragon bones, abounding dragon bones;

If I ambition abounding dragon bones, I charge to accessible gold chests, abounding abounding gold chests;

If I ambition to accessible added than 4 gold chests a day, I charge to use gems, abounding abounding abounding gems;

If I accept that abounding gems, I can just buy allegorical chests from the Store, why should I annihilate you for just one allegorical chest?

Please delay for a little best until akin 50 has bigger bead ante of lower bank mats. Hopefully it will not be long.