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​Elder Scrolls Blades - I abhorrence 1.5 wont fix the game

news Dec-01-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - I abhorrence 1.5 wont fix the game

After about amphitheatre Blades the endure few weeks becouse I just didnt adore it anymore, I got aback into it today, exited about 1.5 advancing up. I played some jobs and there was added lag than ever, on a authentic buzz that should calmly play a bold like this flawless.

I even died a brace of times (using applesauce accessory from chests) while accepting 3fps during fights. I had to change weapons afore every enemy, traveling through a menu, that STILL is actual laggy and unresponsive, becouse there are STILL no buttons to quickchange gear.

I afresh went to the boiler to advertise some stuff, that I couldnt acquisition becouse a brace updates ago shops placed new items about accidental unless you array by category. Afresh I capital to adjustment some stuff, but not aggregate and afterwards a brace of items the app shut down.

I opened it again, repaired accepting again, and it shut down AGAIN. It happened THREE TIMES IN A ROW. I didnt even go into the abysm anymore becouse I remembered why I abdicate the bold in the aboriginal place: its a affliction in the ass to play.

Update 1.5 seems to be the amend we acquire all been cat-and-mouse for, but I agnosticism PVP is playable for me. Removing chest timers is awesome, but accepting chests is not even agreeable anymore.

And aback the patchnotes say annihilation about acclimation aggregate that is torn (I havent even mentioned alluring yet) I agnosticism it is abundant to accomplish the bold fun again. The snow affair looks good, but you deceit put sprinkles on a turd and anticipate its edible.

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