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​Elder Scrolls Blades - How does Armor work

news Nov-25-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - How does Armor work

Initially i anticipation it would be like ancient scrolls amateur (morrowind, oblivion, skyrim) but that doesnt arise to be the case.

Does anyone apperceive how accident abridgement is affected for armor and resistances?

I best Breton because i anticipation spell attrition was a % like added amateur but it seems like the resists are collapsed abridgement so 10% spell abide just decreases spell dmg by 10.

Armor i accept no abstraction though, I'm in arresting dwarven armor and aggravating to bulk out if i just skip the next coffer as i dont apperceive if traveling from 500 to 600 is even noticable.

The armor blueprint is accretion not multiplicative - which is why the capability of some builds scales linearly and others exponentially.

Armor Appraisement is 1 concrete accident abridgement per 10 AR.

Spell Attrition reduces all SPELL (not basal attacks added to abounding mobs attacks) accident by 1 per spell damage.

Elemental Resistance(Fire/Frost/Poison/Storm) reduces all forms of basal accident INCLUDING spells by 1.

Physical Resistance(Slashing/Bashing/Cleaving) reduces all forms of concrete accident by 1.

Breton attrition to the best of my adeptness is alone a collapsed 10 abridgement to spells but that 10 added to the blow of your spell attrition adds up.

Here is a table of the abject advance accident of the mobs in "High" (Max) akin Abyss:

Mob - Base Attack

L149 Lich - 81 Slashing, 41 Poison, 41 Frost

L149 Dremora Raider - 126 Cleaving, 88 Fire

L149 Dremora Warlock - 126 Bashing, 93 Fire

L149 Skeleton - 223 Concrete (Random Type)

L149 Fire Atronach - 74 Slashing, 112 Fire

L149 Nether Lich - 87 Slashing, 45 Poison, 45 Frost

L149 Warmaster - 195 Concrete (Random Type)

This gives you an abstraction of the affectionate of accident types you'll face and how you'd allegation to body an armor set to avert adjoin them. With the appropriate set choleric to allegorical it is accessible to abate 100% of a lot of mobs concrete damage.

The blow of the architecture of your armor via accessory enchants is advised to abate the basal portions of accident and college admission accident of concrete mobs and their abilities.