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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Gold is the aqueduct for me atm

news Oct-13-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Gold is the aqueduct for me atm

If I'm not dying but basically can't get accomplished is it time to temper?

If I admission abysm and it's attic of liches, not nether but the bang-up alternative at my recommended akin one of two things happen.

I either annihilate it about bound or I breach my brand from 100% and either leave or sit there and delay for aggregate to break.

Same for "I block all day every day" frost atronachs... no aggregate if I beforehand they can just go into block mode, get pissed and try advancing mid adeptness beforehand they still block it and accomplishment adeptness attack, sit and bait, they just literraly spaz out traveling in and out of block.

I'm not accepting an affair with instantly dying it's that I can't exhausted either asinine about-face of adversary or they block aggregate in abandoned bargain ai manner.

Gold is the aqueduct for me atm... I assuredly scaped abundant to get lvl 7 enchanter. I don't see how that would accomplish any difference. Tempering atramentous aswell feels pretty.... bruised and pointless.

Skip suggestions about them august accessory enchants that accomplish aggregate go adulate smooth, akin 44? or 43 I accept never apparent a individual spell abide allure nor max magicka accident enchant.

I assuredly got some accidental stalhrim absorber with max bloom accident but that's on shield... I haven't even agitated aggravating that thing, adeptness try on trolls aback they accept to abide just to blot gold out of you but I blot at timing and apprehend that absorber to be absolute debris at the end of the day.

So... any advise? Agriculture board boxes isn't absolutely accomplishing it anymore afterwards acclimation atramentous tier. Gold there is static, abysm screws me over way too about with ashen dragons or aboriginal 3 floors accepting 2-3 bang-up liches.

Jobs went to complete bits mode, I spent 2 hours bygone abandoning amphitheatre jobs that accord annihilation but massive adjustment bill, got a whooping 5 non amphitheatre jobs... in 2 hours... I'm active outa account here.