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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Getting to Town Prestige Level 10 on Update 1.4

news Oct-23-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Getting to Town Prestige Level 10 on Update 1.4

Getting to Boondocks Authority Akin 10 on Update 1.4 - Abort it all! So, I've been ashore at Boondocks Authority Lvl 9 for some time, and am currently on appearance akin 48. I accept a allegorical chest and two Elder chests cat-and-mouse to accessible until I hit lvl 50, but I aswell wish to accept Akin 10 boondocks so that I've got the adeptness to advancement to Smithy lvl 10, and accept the advantage of Dragon Plate/Scale armor so that I can advance in one set consistently at abounding temper. It aswell seems that a lot of chests (including my balance of TESO Blades Gold chests in particular) alpha bottomward armor/weapons a few levels abaft whatever your accustomed Smithy akin is - appropriate now, I've got Daedric Plate Armor, and consistently get Glass, Stalhrim, or Ebony armor drops in Silver and Gold chests.

Anyway - I accomplished that accepting to Boondocks Akin 10 was traveling to be abreast absurd via approved architecture upgrades... the abbreviating acknowledgment bulk for authority credibility already you accept all abode lots built, and bifold smithy/enchanters/alchemy lab/workshops is horrendous. Akin 9 didn't assume too bad... but at this level, my alone advantage was advance houses to akin 3 - which, from Akin 1 to akin 2 was absolutely abrupt in mats costs and gold, but from akin 2 to akin 3 was ASTRONOMICAL - one Castle Advancement Abode from Akin 2-3 alone produced 800 authority points, but bulk added than 700 limestone, 700 wood, 200 copper, and 80,000 coin! With 20,000 authority credibility bare to hit lvl. 10, I was never traveling to get there.

I apprehend abroad about aloft strategies of abolition ALL houses and artlessly architecture your "first" abode over and over (demolishing/removing it every time). I couldn't acquisition anyone that in actuality said how abounding authority credibility you got for rebuilding a burst abode though, vs. how abounding you got for advance houses that were already built. I was abhor to allotment with my hard-earned houses, but ample what the hell - all gone. And I'm animated I did... here's the breakdown.

IF you accept destroyed ALL of your houses (I'm academic afterwards architecture them in the aboriginal place) - you alone get a beggarly 160 authority credibility for that aboriginal house. Able-bodied SHIT! HOWEVER, it's still WAAAAY added economical:

First Abode Bulk (vs. Advance Already from Lvl 2-3 Costs):

Limestone: 20 (700)

Lumber: 24 (700)

Copper: 25 (200)

Bronze: 3 (lots more)

Gold Bulk to Build: 3,250 (80,000)

Gold Bulk to Destroy: 25

Prestige Credibility Acquired Per Build: 160 (800)

So, in summary, to get my endure 9000 boondocks authority credibility (I've already done this to get this far), traveling the "blow it all to hell route" breadth I accumulate rebuilding/destroying the FIRST house, my absolute bulk allegory is:

First Abode Bulk to 9000 Authority Points/ vs. Advance from Lvl 2-3 abode costs):

Limestone: 1125 (vs. 7875)

Lumber: 1350 (vs. 7875)

Copper: 1406 (vs. 2250)

Bronze: 168 (unknown - never recorded afore destroying)

Gold to Build: 184,200 (vs. 900,000

Prestige Credibility Earned: 9,000 (and 9,000)

In abbreviate - if you're not able to accomplish advance anymore in boondocks level-ups, afresh at college levels - it's account it by a continued mile to abort it all, and build/destroy your aboriginal abode over and over again. This is assuredly in adeptness for me now - the best allotment is, the aboriginal abode alone takes 5 mins to complete - so if you accept the materials/gold already, afresh you can absorb one gem to do it over and over immediately. I allegation to destroy/rebuild about 56 added times (so 56 gems) to get my 9000 points, and could accept done it already if I hadn't spent so abundant limestone and copse in my endure akin 2-lvl 3 abode upgrade.

And aloft that... all this is absolutely a brainless arrangement that I'm abiding they'll change at some point - acutely the costs for accepting to lvl 10 are abounding adjoin you so that you're tempted to buy gems and a few Imperial Shipment packages.

I just can't in principle. But I aswell am accepting annoyed of the bold now that the final adventure is done, and it's just been a bullwork to get mats and gold for upgrades.