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​Elder Scrolls Blades - For Versatile weapons my admired setups are

news Nov-28-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - For Versatile weapons my admired setups are

After accomplishing this abundantly I came to the cessation that the best weapon setups for calmly speed-farming Abyss hardly change - depending on how far you wanna go/ what you wish to accent on.

For Versatile weapons my admired setups are:

1, Abandoned floors from 149: Frost Sword. Because you neither wish to arrest (exception Nethers: just annihilate the aboriginal one for the accidental reward) or bandy gear. Frost Swords are by far the best all-around weapons (with abundant damage-at-crit modifiers on gear) for all Deep Abyss mobs combined. Faster than a Blaze Sword in this regard. If you abridgement the accident modifiers you cannot absolutely go Blaze Sword-only instead (although it's no botheration to annihilate Attros and Dremora with that weapon, just takes longer) because Skellie Knights are appealing difficult with it.

For added accomplished players: Low AR on purpose (glass cannon) so you bead to at-crit (and break there) aural and till the end of the floor. Gives you a few seconds, it all adds up over 1 or 2 hours farming.

2, Run for aureate chest from 145: If I accept acceptable lag I generally advance like aloft (Frost Sword only) or I opt for Frost Axe and accustomed AR on armor. Aborting Liches aloft alpha of the run/ switching to Blaze Sword if encountering them afterwards 142ish.

Frost Billy is about as acceptable for this setup. Both weapon types allocation the same, over swords aloft abstention animation, which includes a abreast burning bang (like bisected a Quick Strike), admitting Adrenaline Dodges (sometimes bare vs. Skellie Knights) with swords advance to this awkward apprehend animation, that lets you crop added than generally addition hit in exchange, while Axes and Maces do accept endlessly adeptness with their dodges if ambition (Knight) is low on blossom afterwards you got blocked.

For Skellies Axes are are on par with Maces but compared to them accretion on boilerplate added acceleration vs. Attros than they lose vs. Dremora. Mainly because there are floors with four Attros, while Dremora is consistently three. On top of that, there are mixed floors with two Dremora and one Attro - accordingly Attros are the a lot of common mob -> Axe.

But in agreement of boilerplate allowance acceleration Maces are absolute abutting and swords not far abaft either. Reliably killing all with the closing is just a bit added difficult. Aback you wanna farm, autopilot is preferred.

3, Starting from 140 with the advantage to either stop at aureate chest No. 1, or extend to the gem accolade afterwards it or even to 150: Both setups aloft are applicable but in this case I usually alpha with Frost Axe and change to Blaze Sword for Liches and Nethers, afresh aswell depending on lag and what I like that day. I will not bandy aback from Blaze Sword to Frost Axe on the endure two floors if I had encountered Liches on Attic 8 or 9.

Of advance I am acquainted that not anybody has this array of weapons in his arsenal, the Elder Scrolls Blades Gold but finer you abandoned charge two, max three weapons.

Note that some of the aloft can change with your setup. For example, Frost swords do a lot of accident vs. Dremora but at atomic for me I cannot advance this advantage aback I mostly charge the aforementioned bulk of hits to annihilate them as with a mace. But this doesn't accept to be for everyone. Gotta try this out personally.