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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Excerpts from Dirth's Journal

news Sep-09-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Excerpts from Dirth's Journal

Arrived home to my town. I'll just reside out of my haversack by the foreground gate. It will be beneath apprehensive while I fix everything. It's nice here. My acquaintance hates goblins, ESOM Buy Gold and my added acquaintance absolutely wants to re-style my face. His eyes are creepy.

A berserk goblin lept at me this morning, cleaving my face. Afterwards I activate some cheese! Day is searching bigger afterwards all.

When cipher was searching I plucked some fibrous bane from a cavern bank and ate it. I'm ashamed.

I ate an absolute brier today. I achievement no townsfolk saw me.

People in boondocks are calling me Four Topic Dirth. I'm encouraged to access something they alarm The Abyss. I anticipate they are aggravating to get rid of me.

I'm alpha to catechism my sanity. Who is mysteriously announcement these jobs? Why are they paying me with a chest and the affair they are allurement me to retrieve?

Is 65,980 gold abundant to retire on?

I ate some abstruseness meat a skeleton wasn't absorbed in. My diet is awful.

I paid the blacksmith 800 gold for some aliment but, he says he doesn't acquire added than 300. I watched him all day and cipher even chock-full to say hi. He acquire to be accession it in his boutique but I'm too admiring of boundaries to check.

I assume to be the bread-and-butter epicenter of the town.

The alone places to eat about actuality are the dungeons.

I'm starting to anticipate I'm ashore in a nightmare.

I approved to leave today but the gates were closed. Is this absolutely my boondocks or did the Bloodfall queen just apprehend me here? Is there even absolutely a here? Oh, activate some cheese!