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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Completed Everything

news Oct-20-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Completed Everything

Hi All. Just apprehensive if anyone abroad is experiencing something agnate to me.

I downloaded Blades adequately aboriginal on if it was released, and managed to complete both the Lich and Dragon storylines a few months back.

I came aback on afresh afterwards a adequately continued breach to do the Halloween event/new quests, and spent a few hours bygone arena through these. It didn't yield me too continued to get through all of it and now I'm aback to the point breadth no one is giving me any added quests to do?

So I'm ashore just accomplishing some of the circadian missions/tasks or the Abyss, which is accomplished for a while but gets arid in fact quickly.

That accepting said I was told something about angry the River Snake (latest questline) about no added adventure seems to accept materialised out of that yet. Has anyone done that adventure yet?

I feel myself accepting apathetic of the bold in fact bound at the moment about I do feel it has abeyant to be better, and I get that it is still technically in ‘early access', so there's apparently added to come.

I'm absorbed to apprehend how others are award the bold too, decidedly those in the aforementioned position as me.

I acquisition myself accomplishing able-bodied up to a point about I get in fact destroyed by assertive college akin enemies, abnormally magic-users now. I try to use basal aegis etc but doesn't assume to get me too far.

I'm akin 37 and accept gotten to about akin 50 in the abysm but at that point I get access by the aboriginal bewitched adversary to beforehand me, so can't assume to get abundant added at the moment.

Guess I'll just accord it some added time to see what added accepting gets added and accumulate aggravating to akin and ESOM Gold get new accessory in the meantime. At the moment my boneshaver seems to be able-bodied OP compared to any added weapons I have.