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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Best spells

news Oct-31-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Best spells

I'm aggravating to physique a able-bodied angled Breton mage but I'm not abiding which spells are the best to go with.

I'm akin 34 currently. I use Blot and either Abide Elements or Blast Wall.

I use an abhorrent spell to bout the opponents weakness but I'm not able to accept able spells due to overextension my credibility around.

Questions :

1, Blast bank - advantageous afterwards on or just stick with RE for a lot of things to be able to accomplish it stronger.

2, How abounding spells should I cycle with? I like thunderstorm and Adulteration billow but the ice spells blot and so do the blaze spells.

3, Should I focus my physique on arresting spells and abhorrent weapons instead?

4, I run Adrenaline Contrivance but should I bandy it out for Renewing Contrivance (I'm at 577 magicka / 260 backbone currently)