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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Best Endgame Armour

news Oct-08-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Best Endgame Armour

What is better? Four pieces of Daedric Armour all with +18 Spell Abide (and the Blaze Abide on top) or Four pieces of Dragonbone Armour with +18 Spell Abide and the college Armour Rating?

I've got a set of Daedric that I'm tempted to atmosphere as all four pieces acquire +18 Spell Resist, but I'm tempted to plan arise a abounding Dragon set with +Spell Abide on all pieces and I'd adulation to apperceive humans opinions.

I've heard Resistance for a amateur caps at 60, so realistically I acquire about +90 Blaze Resistance and + 72 Frost/Poison/Shock Res And I wondered if the Resistance Cap is accurate as well.

EzarethPvP told me that... Basal abide enchants acquire never fabricated faculty to me as a min/maxer from a algebraic standpoint - I'm all health.

I acquire 1168 Health, 450 Stam, 440 Magicka, 772 Armor Appraisement and at Crit Bloom I have:

80 Blaze Resist, 35 Frost Resist, 35 Shock Resist, 35 Adulteration Resist, 132 Slashing Resist, 87 Cleaving Resist, 87 Bashing Abide and 17 Spell resist. I'm alive to annihilate +17 healing on my boots and bandy it for accession Spell Resist.

So the acumen I acclaim DM is because of the administration of mobs in "High Abyss" (Recommended + 10 floors) which are Liches, Nether Liches, Dremora, Blaze Attronachs, Warmasters and Skeletons.

Fire accident is by far the greatest antecedent of accident you'll face in this ambit so the abject 45 Blaze abide accustomed to a abounding Mythical set of Daedric Mail goes a connected way here. Liches and Dremora and Blaze Attronachs casting firewall and even 80 Fire Abide and 17 Spell abide isn't abundant to abate this to aught if you advance through it. Dremora concrete attacks aswell do added than 80 Blaze abide account of blaze damage.

The abandoned frost and adulteration accident you'll yield is from the concrete attacks of Liches and Nether liches and these can be absolutely negated by 3 Basal Abide on Crit bloom at crit health.

Storm accident is bound to Thunderstorm from Dremora Warlocks and Liches and this is why I acclaim 2X Spell abide (in accession to abbreviation firewall damage) and you can contrivance the butt of the accident on strikes if you chose.

The absolute concrete accident of All Liches, Nether Liches, Dremora and Blaze Attronachs can be absolutely bargain to 1 by Mythical Daedric Mail and a Single concrete abridgement on Crit secondary. At this point abandoned Warmasters and Skeletons do concrete accident to you (which is why I'm active with 3X concrete abridgement on crit (including neck)).

The sad absoluteness is the ENTIRE advantage breadth it exists of Mythical Dragonplate Armor over Mythical Daedric Mail armor can be added than negated by a SINGLE concrete accident abridgement crit accessory (provided you're at crit bloom which I always am of course).