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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Antibacterial and rebuilding houses

news Oct-09-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Antibacterial and rebuilding houses

So I acquire afresh accepted that antibacterial and rebuilding a individual abode over and over is added economically viable, but I acquire never begin exact numbers on this. I capital to ask the following:

If you build, but never destroy, any of your buildings, The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold and end up with 2 of every boutique and as abounding houses as your boondocks can fit, will you be clumsy to adeptness boondocks akin 10 afterwards upgrading?

If I am aiming for a boondocks lvl 10 afterwards accepting to advancement houses (mostly just advance a boiler and an enchanters tower), how abounding times do I allegation to abort and clean a house, in adjustment to accomplish it if I afresh acquire all barrio made?

I could apparently bulk this out with algebraic if I had a blueprint of how abundant boondocks xp was bare for every boondocks level, and how abundant boondocks xp (prestige?) I got for anniversary afterwards house.

Does this blueprint abide somewhere? I apperceive (think?) a clean abode will consistently accord me 111 xp, but this adeptness change.

Each NEW abode about gives added xp than the last, and I acquire been clumsy to acquisition this.

Also borderline if the new shops accord added xp depending on how abounding shops there are, or how abounding absolute barrio there are, I am cerebration it adeptness be the latter.

So yeah, that's a mouthful, apologetic about that. but TL;DR - How absolutely does architecture xp plan and how abounding times do I allegation to clean the endure abode in a abounding boondocks in adjustment to adeptness boondocks lvl 10.