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​Elder Scrolls Blades - All builds are altogether viable

news Oct-18-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - All builds are altogether viable

Now with the contempo update, all builds are altogether viable.

If you accept a 50-50 build, you will accept acceptable annual from both sides. With this build, you will acceptable focus on application arresting abilities and spells and await added on your weapon hits in adjustment to annihilate ( TESO Blades Gold and weapon hits are still the best DPS) Aback you can not consistently spam top ranked (boosted by jewelry) abilities and spells, you will atone for this by accepting a advanced arrangement of basal abilities for every situation. This body is allegedly the safest bet with the atomic weaknesses. The big strenght of this build, is that you in fact alone charge to apprentice a few spells and a few abilities that are acceptable in every situation. You can again advance aggregate into your acquiescent perks. A magicka and backbone body can not in fact do this if they wish to accomplish abiding they accept the a lot of optimal spell/ability for every situation. They accept to accomplish sacrifises actuality and there.

A magicka build, in my opinion, demands abounding charge into magicka to be competitive. Abounding magicka builds can could cause amazing accident if you are accommodating to use the adapted elements adjoin anniversary adversary and if you get advantageous with jewelry.

Speaking about jewelry, you aswell accept to about-face your adornment every time in adjustment to bout your able spells, if you wish to accept your abounding potential. This agency you are absolute accessory codicillary as a magicka body and if your RNG is bad, you will be bigger of just spamming weapons.

You can apprenticed admission enemies, but you aswell become absolute vulnerable. Which is why I accept that a abounding magicka body is beneath aggressive in academy abysm levels. Abysm is all about absorption your blossom and as a caster, you are abiding to accept some abundant assault aback you will not be able to block every hit. Unless you can allow crafting an amaranthine breeze of potions, which I in fact do not like.

To advance a connected breeze of spells (which you charge aback you accept no backbone abilities and your backbone accept to abide abounding in adjustment to use healing surge) it is aswell recommended to accomplish a few accessory pieces to best magicka and some yewelry for magicka regeneration. It in fact makes a big difference. This of advance added banned your survivability. Spells like bang armor, algidity and arresting blaze abundantly calibration with basal accident on gauntlets and rings.

So you can possibly accretion acute damage, at the bulk of loosing even added blossom recovery. Albeit I would argue, a top ranked abide elements and bang casting can atone for alot. A abounding magicka body tends to crave added potions in the abysm due to accepting added accessible and your activity and accident depends on accepting no blow on spells.

A abounding backbone body can not do the aforementioned as a abounding magicka build, in my opinion. You will acceptable accept to advance something into magicka, or contrarily you will absence out on some arresting spells that are too acceptable to miss. In any case, you will accept to be annoyed with lower ranked spells.

Full backbone builds can be acutely sturdy, because you accept admission to abounding abilities, that are abhorrent and arresting all at once. You can aswell use your magicka bar as a nice ressource sink, as accepting 0 magicka does not aftereffect in burning death. Breadth as a magicka body with 0 backbone will acquisition a quick afterlife because of healing surge. You aswell do not charge to anguish about switching your abilities often, as your accident depends soloely on your able weapon. Which is why backbone builds are not so codicillary on god cycle jewelry. Temper your weapons to max and your accident will already be good. A magicka body is annihilation afterwards absolute acceptable jewelry, your accident will not be able to attempt with simple weapon spamming.

Too long, did not read:

# Versatile builds

Pros: Abundant utility, are solid in every situation, do not accept abundant skillpoint pressure, accept abounding accessory adaptability and do not charge consumables absolute often.

Cons: They can not use top akin adornment efficiently.

# Magicka builds

Pros: Top admission adjoin abounding enemies with the adapted elements, potentially absolute able defense, top uptime and connected admission to adverse basal conditions. Burning simple win adjoin abundance enemies like Wisps (especially abominable in the abyss), Skeever, Spiders and Wolves as a mage can just accumulate them at a ambit consistently by alternating altered spells. Can calmly avert itself adjoin alembic enemies. Can 1 attempt job enemies with godroll jewelry.

Cons: Absolute accessory dependent, aswell potentially absolute fragile, needs acceptable RNG with jewelry, can be catchy in academy abysm levels if you accomplish mistakes. Needs to about-face spells and adornment afore any encounter.

# A few highlights

- Ice Spike: Able nuke that delivers a adverse amaze that opens the aboideau for a able chase up. Aback it is frost, it is accessible adjoin a lot of approved enemies like Wights, Skeletons, Dremora, Goblins, Thalmor and a few others. It has been a go to in my portfolio anytime since.

- Arresting Inferno: Nuclear accident adjoin enemies whom are anemic to it, like Liches, Wispmothers and Wights. This spell can calmly hit for 2,5k accident with acceptable jewelry. Abundantly profits from blaze accident enchants and blaze poison. Albeit it is absolute chancy to use.

- Abide Elements: Say no to all casters. Appropriately far, I accept not encountered an adversary who can do added than 1 accident adjoin my rank 13 abide elements. Accumulate in my apperception that a lot of enemies, like Liches, Dremora, Wispmothers, Spriggains, Dragons and others do not alone accord concrete accident with their weapon hits. A lot of of their weapon accident is elemental. For archetype Dremora accord added blaze accident with their hits than concrete damage. Aforementioned goes for Liches really.

Meaning that you not alone attenuate their spells, but all their abject attacks. Alone fools do not accept this alert to their adeptness bar. Warriors should aswell use this adjoin Wispmothers and Frost Atronachs at the absolute least, as backbone builds are absolute anemic adjoin frost accident and those foes accord frost accident with every hit.

- Frostbite: A adequate casting that makes abbreviate plan of warrior blazon enemies. Instantly drains their backbone and freezes them guaranteed. Acceptable adjoin top akin skeletons , wights and dremora. However it definately requires you to accept some frost accident on adornment and maybe even on your gauntlets, as it ticks 9 times over its 3s continuance and every beat deals all your benefit frost accident from aggrandized frost and so on.

- Fireball: Absolute able admission that consistently charcoal absolute bargain to cast, even at top ranks. A advantageous opener adjoin Wispmothers, liches, frost atronachs and spriggains, because it aswell abundantly profits from the best adeptness acquiescent due to its top abject damage. The blaze cachet aftereffect calmly deals about 200 accident by itself and it stops the blossom about-face of enemies (does not stop blot and adrenaline dodge)

- Ward: Absolute acceptable afterwards the patch. It will consistently blot all the accident from the absolute accident spell that hits it. Authoritative it a activity saver adjoin Dremora fireballs, Lich fireballs and anesthetize and wispmother and dragon ice spikes. Use it to in fact abate those spells already you see the casting action of your enemy. Allegedly my aces why magicka builds will be decidedly added aggressive in the abyss. Unfortunately this does not plan adjoin adulteration cloud, arresting blaze and frostbite. As a abounding magicka body you can in fact allow accepting breadth at top ranks. In adjustment to save accomplishment credibility and the fact, that breadth consistently absorbs all the accident of a spell that destroys it, no bulk how able breadth is, I leave this at rank 1. Added ranks do not decidedly advance this ability.

# Backbone Builds

Pros: Consistently sturdy, not absolute accessory dependent, consistently reliable damage, reliable CCs, in fact abominable at low blossom with Mettle and Reckless Acerbity and assertive accessory (therefore can handle accepting alarmingly blood-soaked abundant better)

Cons: Requires some investment into magicka or they will afar survivability, apprenticed admission to basal conditions, can accept issues adjoin able alembic enemies and appropriately requires added investment into basal resistances, frost spells can in fact anihilate you, permablocking enemies can be a nuisance. (I am searching at you, Frost Atronachs)

# A few highlights

- Skullcrusher: Borderline torn accident adjoin anybody if acclimated with a 2 handed weapon and acceptable jewelry. About in fact abandoned adversary blocks, authoritative it your best acquaintance in top akin abysm and the arena.

- Indomitable Smash: Use it reactively if you see your adversary charging a able attack. It removes a collapsed bulk of accident from adversary hits during its animation, which is why it is so strong. Use it adjoin broadcast abundant attacks, through bank of blaze and Warlord and Amphitheatre adversary abundant attacks. It aswell removes all cachet furnishings from you: a activity saver in the abyss.

- Harrying Bash: A appalling opener that makes abiding that abnormally adversary casters are accepting a bad time adjoin you. I adopt it adjoin Dremora. Accomplish abiding to use it with a top superior shield, as its accident depends on it. Dragon cartilage is the best.

- Absorption dodge: Allows you to do some abominable things with Guardbreaker and Staggering back-bite and Reckless fury.

Reckless Fury: Absolute expensive, abnormally with jewelry. But with acceptable adherence into backbone sustain, you can be abiding if you amalgamate it with absorption dodge. I would candidly admonish to abstain Reckless Acerbity adornment completely. The added bulk is not annual it, it is acceptable abundant as it is. Unless you are a cashcow and get an ancient chest for breakfast every day, acceptance you to sustain an amaranthine accumulation of backbone potions.