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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Adjustment Costs Still Too top and More

news Jul-07-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Adjustment Costs Still Too top and More

Bethesda devs, Blades has a abundant foundation, but some things, as they stand, are authoritative what should be a in fact fun game, not fun at all.

1, Adjustment costs are still abundant too high. Presently I'm application a abounding clothing of Quicksilver Armor, and mostly Elven weapons, and I lose money active jobs because of adjustment costs. It's ridiculous.

2, It's abundant too difficult to get assertive resources, such as Blaze Salts, assets for bloom enchants, etc.

3, The timers for aperture chests is in fact ridiculous. I can't play the bold because my chest account is abounding of argent and gold chests that will in fact yield weeks to accessible if I don't absorb gems (and I've already spent hundreds of gems accretion my chest inventory). And let's not even allocution about the timers for Ancient chests and above. This has to change.

4, Building timers and costs aswell become in fact unacceptable as added barrio are built, and upgraded. It should not yield 10 hours to advancement my artisan to bank 7. This is insane. It aswell should t yield 100,000 gold to advancement an enchanters belfry to bank 7.

5, The accompaniment of accessory enchantments needs to change. We should either be able to accept our accessory enchantments, or abolish them afterwards antibacterial the item.

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