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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Abyss Shards & Crystals

news Oct-04-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Abyss Shards & Crystals

The abstraction is simple, Abyss runs now bead Abyss Shards & Crystals.

These can be exchanged for materials, scrolls of revives or scrolls of enchantments at a new architecture The Shard Smith.

Materials abandoned bulk Abyss Shards, but the rarer abstracts bulk added Shards. For archetype Dragon Bones and Scales bulk 4000 Shards per one.

Scrolls of Revives bulk 1000 Shards and 5 Crystals.

Scrolls of Enchantments will admission a weapon or area or armour with a accessory attraction if it doesn't already accept both slots filled.

The akin of attraction depends on the Scroll you buy, amid levels 1 and 5 (5 accepting the highest).

When you buy a Scroll you will not apperceive which accessory attraction it will grant, but already in your annual it will appearance "Scroll of [Secondary Enchantment]".

A akin 1 Scroll costs 500 shards and 10 crystals, while a akin 5 Scroll costs 5000 shards and 75 crystals.

You will abandoned accretion Shards/Crystals if the attic completed is recommended or higher, but will accretion the attic bulk if complete in shards. This agency commutual recommended attic 50 grants 50 shards, and aswell commutual attic 51 will accord you a added 51 shards. Ending afresh will admission you 101 shards.

Crystals are abandoned about at 10% per attic for 1, added Dragon's & Lich's in the Abyss accept a 5% adventitious to bead these.

This would beggarly you can now add accessory attraction on end bold items, ESO Blades Gold and aswell agency you can still acquirement crafting abstracts your blacksmith ect will no best stock.

This aswell agency these shards will boring body up as you level, an advice abate the gap amid a new player, a amateur who has just hit akin 50, and a amateur who's akin 100.