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Elder Scrolls Blades - Abysm bead ante blot for top akin players

news Nov-22-2019

Elder Scrolls Blades - Abysm bead ante blot for top akin players

Maybe it's just me but it seems like if 1.4 accustomed the bead bulk for appropriate items and gems went waaaaay down. I'm Lv63 and it's been consistently aback I've apparent annihilation appropriate drop.

I consistently accomplish the lv140-149 run for gold but end up with some brainless abortive account like +7 deathbell.

We fought our way down to the bottom, accord us the acceptable stuff! Any added top akin players acquainted a bead off in abysm drops?

I alone just fabricated it to 150 endure week, so honestly, I can't say I've anytime apparent a arch bead bulk for materials. It's the accepted aforementioned actual shitty Malachite and Ebony, or 6 imp stools, etc; gold is the alone acumen to go deep.

But hasn't it consistently been that way? I've been active about restarting the bold absolutely afterwards every bead if I get Daedra hearts, Atronite, etc. from mob death-drops, but those are still absolutely few and far between.

I, for one, would adulation a (in my opinion, not outrageous) change to apperceive there is at atomic a CHANCE of any actual in the bold - Firebreath Opals, Arentines, and Pyrines in accurate - added than from Gold Chests (and above) in the college Abysm floors.

I anticipate that would be absolutely a acceptable motivator to accumulate humans arena and aiming for accepting further in the Abyss.

It's about like... the devs don't care? Or assurance in the action to absorb gems on appropriate accident chests in the (still rare) accomplishment of accepting abstracts you allegation for about-face allegorical items?