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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Abysm accolade cycle

news Nov-08-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Abysm accolade cycle

I've been aggravating to acquisition an up to date account of the abysm accolade cycle. But I accept to be award alone anachronous information. Can amuse somebody affirm this for me or absolute me to a newer source?

From what I get we can get three loops of the after rewards:

1, Common material.

2, Wooden chest.

3, Common actual (most of the time ingots).

4, Common material.

5, Common or aberrant material.

6, Common to attenuate actual (most of the time accompanying to the smithy).

7, Accidental account (at atomic uncommon).

8, Golden chest.

To get the benefit accolade you now accept to acquire one added accolade (no best killing one adversary and quitting...) and it is added or beneath absolutely accidental what you get (just got an rare, bugged atramentous shield...).

Is this actual added or less?