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Elder Scrolls Blades - Absitively to use plants alone for my decorations

news Jul-14-2019

Elder Scrolls Blades - Absitively to use plants alone for my decorations

Anyone acquire a pic of their boondocks with all (or most) of the houses removed?

I'm already akin 10 prestige, and absitively to use plants alone for my decorations. Looks nice with the copse town, but allotment of me thinks it adeptness attending nice with alone a few houses and the blow open. On the added hand, I don't ambition to rebuild aggregate if I don't like it.

Decisions, decisions... How did you akin up to boondocks akin 10? It seems like it takes me ages from 9 and 75% through.

I acquire over 10k authority just hit L51 hit lvl 10 authority if I was in my mid 40's or low 40's can't bethink was awhile ago...

My authority absolute keeps traveling up even afterwards hitting 10... (I apperceive a anniversary or two aback I was lvl 10 with about 8k authority now over 10k)

I acquire 4x lvl 10 shops, 3x lvl 9 and 1x lvl 8 shops... every abode at lvl 2 except two houses at lvl 3.

3x Large Allegorical monuments, all boilerplate monuments are either allegorical or ballsy except 3 attenuate mediums... all baby monuments are rare...

I've spent sooooooo abundant gold and assets on my town... I anticipate I'm OCD'ing a lil... aswell paid crystals for a few ballsy monuments like Abysal Adapt to go next to my Abysal Hourglass...

I'm aggravating to get all shops to lvl 10 and all houses to lvl 3.

I'm close... maybe 2-3weeks agriculture too get all the abstracts afterwards spending crystals!