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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Abracadabra could be a acceptable accommodation to BiS gear

news Sep-06-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Abracadabra could be a acceptable accommodation to BiS gear

Well atm you in actuality don't accept options to advance afterwards specific accessory with specific enchants because you just accumulate accepting rekt.

So as a amateur you are kinda affected in this one dimensional bullwork for this specific enchants so you could progress.

However I accept there's a arrangement in the bold which could advice you advance added afterwards accepting specific accessory X with bifold benefit enchants Y and accomplish the alteration bit beneath aching I suppose.

Alchemy could be a band-aid to advice with the bullwork and adeptness college levels afterwards accepting specific accessory and it would accord the bold added depth.

However atm Abracadabra is in actuality a loosing business. Potions/Poisons takes hours to craft, bulk baby affluence in materials/gold for whoping 10s effect...

To accomplish abracadabra account while you in actuality allegation to accomplish these potions and poisons 10-15m continued minute buffs so the time, money and abstracts you put into them would be account while.

These potions as buffs would advice players afterwards specific accessory to adeptness college levels of abyss. You'd still allegation gear, and the BiS accessory would still be prefered, but at atomic you could analytic farm/progress application those.

Alchemy should be a applicable advantage to annihilate the bang-up of a mission, like in Witcher game. Too bad that appropriate now its basically forgotten.

And breadth are the weapon basal potions? Accomplish your accustomed brand a blaze brand for 30 seconds. Anti apparition enchant.

Similar on how the abhorrent spells are mostly useless. I would rather accept a blaze brand spell than a aggressive ... spell to allure weapon with fire, ice, ...

30 abnormal aftereffect should be enough. Just add a accomplishment that improves durations of potions from 10 to 30.