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Jul-05-2019 Categories: news

First things first: I like this game. I play it daily, I adore the gameplay, I feel like the accolade bend is convalescent (jewelry helped this a lot), and my focus actuality isn't to accuse or back-bite the game, but to activity acknowledgment that the devs hopefully see so they can achieve improvements.

Let's alpha with enchantment, because it seems like the added basal arrangement of the two. Appropriate now, it feels bad. I'm sitting on a agglomeration of body gems for basal enchantments, but disturbing to get body gems for enchantments that bulk at my level. It feels like there should be some arrangement of body gem barter system.

Now, if I assuredly get calm the assets to allure something, it feels like the a lot of accepted aftereffect is no benefit enchantments at all. If that happens, it's a huge letdown, and feels like you've sunk a agglomeration of time and assets into something you're traveling to advertise for a few thousand gold.

It doesn't feel rewarding. It needs a bit of a redesign. I'd advance some way to absorb assets to advance the allowance of benefit enchaments, possibly even to nudge things adjoin specific benefit enchaments you want.

And, if you don't get what you want, I feel like you should be able to band off the attraction and try again. It would aswell be ambrosial rad if you could absorb assets to alteration the enchantments from one section of accessory to another, antibacterial the antecedent in the process.

Now, alchemy... sucks. It feels absolutely superfluous. I can't bethink the endure time I acclimated my alchemist, and I advertise every aromatic except health, magicka, and backbone because they're a affliction to use and about not annual the effort. 10 abnormal of resistance? Please. It takes best than that to cross through the airheaded to use the accursed thing.

Now, this isn't absolutely surprising; I've been arena Elder Scrolls amateur aback Daggerfall, and abracadabra has never acquainted advantageous in these games. But there are means to advance the system. First, these potions charge to be easier to use in combat. I'd advance accepting able to tag a few to appearance up on your screen, like spells and abilities do. Second, the durations charge to be added useful. Poisons should endure a set bulk of hits, not seconds. A aromatic should endure at atomic 30 seconds.

Honestly, if I had my druthers, abracadabra would plan a lot added like the aliment arrangement in Monster Hunter World: you mix up some capacity afore a adventure to get the furnishings you want, there's a baby adventitious of some absolutely nice benefit effects, and the aromatic lasts for one abounding adventure or job, or some bulk of Abyss levels, or until you accept to resurrect. I get that that's a added cogent redesign, though.

Anyways, I do anticipate the bold is fun, and headed in the appropriate administration (mostly). I'm acquisitive some of these crafting and advancement systems alpha activity bigger and added engaging, because I anticipate that helps both the players and the game.