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​Elder Scrolls Blades - A lot of this bold is in actuality able-bodied done

news Sep-05-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - A lot of this bold is in actuality able-bodied done

Visuals: 10/10. Amazing, as is to be accepted from an age-old scrolls game.

Sound: aswell 10/10, articulation acting, complete effects, music, ambient sounds, all of it.

Character animation: a bit buggy sometimes but all-embracing in actuality able-bodied done.

Level design: a bit repetitive but they are steadily convalescent the superior and assortment over time so I accept faith.

Story line: maybe a little short, but its appealing engaging, interesting, and already they add abounding added ancillary quests, I anticipate the world-building aspect will in actuality abounding out.

Battle mechanics: aswell in actuality great. Afresh - buggy - but that's Bethesda and its in actuality not a aloft issue, at atomic that I've apparent in this sub.

Town leveling: appealing standard, admitting it in actuality needs a amateur abode or something, and maybe added capricious decorations and advancement styles/looks.

I'll be afraid if they don't accomplish upgrades in that regard, and it's in actuality still agreeable and acheivable to akin up your boondocks at a reasonbale rate.

Honestly there are abandoned 2 big problems imo. Material availability vs your level, and benefit enchants. Unfortunately they are both bold breaking problems for a lot of people.

And it sucks. I feel like if they just anchored those two things, the bold would crop a behemothic bound in quality.

Of advance there will consistently be things to improve, or bugs to fix, but all-embracing the bold would be ten times beneath frustrating, and abundant added enjoyable, while still not sacrificing adversity or leveling speed.

Of advance there are abounding issues that allegation addressing, but those two should in actuality be top antecedence for the dev team.